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In this week's poll, we ask whether Duff Beer will prove as popular with Universal Orlando's adult guests as Butterbeer has at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

When you think of the essential elements of a theme park experience - rides, shows and parades, perhaps - it's unlikely that drinks feature very high on the list. That all changed at Universal Orlando, though, with the introduction of Butterbeer alongside the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Islands of Adventure in 2010. It has proven to be a massive success, and downing a Butterbeer is a key part of a visit to the land.

Other parks are getting in on the action, but as yet have been unable to replicate Universal's success. At Walt Disney World, there's Le Fou's Brew at Gaston's Tavern. Over at SeaWorld Orlando, South Pole Chill, a unique Coke Freestyle beverage, was recently made available in the new Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin expansion.

The rival drinks, though, are not as closely linked to a recognisable story as Butterbeer is to the Harry Potter universe. The same can't be said, though, of Duff Beer, which has featured heavily in The Simpsons since the animated series debuted in 1989. Almost everybody has heard of or seen The Simpsons, and most of them will have seen Homer or Barney chugging down an ice-cool Duff.

Naturally, then, a key offering in the new Springfield area is a recreation of Duff Beer. Granted, its alcoholic nature will limit its market (although the non-alcoholic Flaming Moe's and Buzz Cola, also on offer, are almost as well-known). But will guests be able to resist nipping into Moe's Tavern to try a Duff for themselves?

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Will Universal be able to pull off the same trick twice with the introduction of Duff Beer? Or does it lack the unique appeal of Butterbeer?

Can Universal replicate Butterbeer's success with Duff Beer (with adult guests)?

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I think not purely because I don't think as many people are 'into' the world of The Simpsons compared with Harry Potter, and therefore the appeal just isn't quite the same. Nonetheless, it will certainly attract enough intrigued visitors for them to make some reasonable profit on it!

With regards to cornering the adult market - does the Wizarding World sell Firewhisky, at all? I would've thought that would be as popular, if not more so, than Duff, with the adult market.

Sounds too much like Duffy the Bear at DISNEY.

My bet is on the Flaming Moe instead. Both Parents and children drinking and toasting together

I think Butterbeer's unique selling point was the fact that no-one could imagine what it might taste like.

It was a mythical creation which had no basis in reality and the fact that Universal had come up with an offering meant everyone wanted to try it, just to see how butterbeer actually tasted.

I remember queuing up for the stuff - bought my souvenir cup. It was massively expensive but, hey, where else in the world could you actually try 'butterbeer?'

For anyone who hasn't tried the stuff its actually like a coke float - very sweet with a creamy topping. Personally it wasn't to my taste. Non alcoholic obviously, though if I had a dollar for every American tourist I heard ask the sellers 'hey is this stuff really beer?'

Doh beer however is a different offering. Most people would expect it to taste of, well .... beer! Apart from the name it doesn't hold any surprises.
There will be guests who want a photo opp holding a bottle of Homer's favourite and I would imagine if its available in take home bottles there will be a big market in souvenirs.
But, bottom line butterbeer will sell more purely because of the novelty factor.

Because anybody under legal drinking age won't be allowed to drink this beer, of course the numbers will be smaller, compared to EVERYBODY being allowed to drink butterbeer. Adults can only drink so much alcohol (or be allowed to)at a theme park, yes? No?

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