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Share your Alton Towers stories in exchange for an Amazon voucher!


Share your memories of visiting or working at Alton Towers, and we'll reward you with an Amazon voucher.

For many years, I have harboured an ambition to write a book about the history of Alton Towers. Not a dry, dull book that merely lists the events that have occured at the UK's most popular theme park over the past few decades, but one that really brings to life the story of a place that is very close to my heart.

In October 2012, I was diagnosed with advanced bowel cancer. Suddenly, the 40-or-so years that I imagined I had to work on my Alton Towers book may have been compressed into altogether much shorter timespan. Having practiced my wordsmithing by writing an autobiography and a children's novel for my son, time is now of the essence if I'm going to achieve my ambition.

The original plan for researching the book was to conduct dozens (probably hundreds) of interviews with those who have visited or worked at the park since its opening day. Given my current situation, that's not really practical. Instead, I hope to source as many interesting anecdotes as possible from the many Alton Towers fans that I know read Theme Park Tourist and other fansites related to the park.

So, essentially, I need your help. Do you have an Alton Towers story that might be of interest to other fans of the park? Perhaps you visited it in its early days? Maybe you were involved in the construction of an iconic ride such as Nemesis? Or are you a former staff member who has some amusing memories of encounters with guests? If so, I'd love to hear from you.

As I said, time is tight. If you're interested in sharing your Alton Towers story, contact me by April 30, 2013. Provide a paragraph or two that outlines the story (or stories) that you want to share, and if it fits the bill, then I'll ask you to write a full account (of 500 words or more), or I may ask for a short phone conversation. By way of thanks, I'll then send you a £10 Amazon voucher.

Thanks for helping me to achieve one of my dreams, and to create a resource that Alton Towers fans will be able to enjoy for years to come.

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