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Thorpe Park confirms "light and sound" update to X roller coaster for 2013 season

X:\No Way Out

Thorpe Park has confirmed that the former X:\No Way Out roller coaster will be renamed as X for the 2013 season, as well as receiving new light and sound effects.

Theme Park Tourist exclusively revealed the plans for the ride earlier this week. X's trains will be switched to run in a forwards direction, while the new effects will be designed to tie-in with the Ministry of Sound club nights that Thorpe Park will host throughout the season.

On in a posting on its official Facebook page, Thorpe Park confirmed that X will not reopen until later in the spring. It describes the ride as "heading in a new direction", confirming that its trains will be switched to run in a forwards, rather than backwards, direction. Finally, it promises that X will be "redesigned and reprogrammed around light and sound", and that its trains will "speed forwards into tunnels of changing coloured light".

The updates to the much-maligned coaster come as no surprise, as X has come in for fierce criticism in recent years due to many of its special effects being out of action and its safety lights often being switched on.

X:\No Way Out was updated in 2006 with new video and sound effects. However, the video screens are now turned off, and the presence of the safety lights removed one of its claims to fame. Its theme, based around being "trapped in a computer virus", is also beginning to show its age.

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