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Walt Disney World launches "My Disney Experience" website to pave way for FASTPASS+

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Walt Disney World has launched a new vacation planning website dubbed "My Disney Experience", as it prepares to roll out a new ride reservation system across its US theme parks.

The updated version of the official Walt Disney World planning website, located at, is currently undergoing beta testing and is only being made available to a subset of visitors. When completed, it will enable guests to reserve ride times on popular attractions via the new FASTPASS+ system, as well as managing other aspects of their vacation such as restaurant reservations.

The name of the new website is designed to tie in with the recently-lauched My Disney Experience smartphone app, which provides key information such as attraction wait times, maps, park hours and information on rides and restaurants. The two are expected to evolve to incorporate guests' personal itineraries as the FASTPASS+ system is rolled out.

FASTPASS+ is similar to the existing FASTPASS system which enables guests to pick up a pass for a supported attraction from booths close to its entrance, allowing them to return during a specified time window and skip the regular "standby" line. This will continue to operate alongside FASTPASS+, which will allow guests to effectively reserve a FASTPASS ahead of time.

Several restrictions will be placed on the use of FASTPASS+. Perhaps most significantly, guests will only be able to reserve rides at a single park per day, meaning that those taking advantages of "Park Hopper" tickets will not be able to pre-book rides at two different parks. It will also only be possible to book a single slot on each ride per day, according to rules displayed on the new site.

My Disney Experience is expected to be a key component of Disney's "NextGen" initiative, which will see a swathe of changes at its US theme parks. Many of these are centered around RFID technology, which will be used as a convenient and quick way to identify individual guests. All Walt Disney World resort guests are now receiving RFID-enabled "Key to the World" cards, while sensors are cropping up in a number of retail outlets and at theme park entrances.

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