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Video: Kings Dominion to open expanded Planet Snoopy area in spring 2013

Planet Snoopy hang glider ride

Kings Dominion has announced that it will expand its Planet Snoopy area for the 2013 season, promising that it will become "the world's largest Peanuts-themed children's area".

The existing Planet Snoopy area will grow to incorporate a number of the attractions that are currently part of the KidZville area. Several new rides will also form part of the line-up, including a Zamperla Rockin' Tug (likely to be named Lucy's Tugboat in line with other Cedar Fair parks), a tea cup ride (set to be named Woodstock's Whirlybirds) and a hang glider ride (likely to be named Linus Launcher). Two new live shows will also be performed in the area.

The current Planet Snoopy area at Kings Dominion is one of the smallest at a Cedar Fair park, and boasts just three attractions. These are Flying Ace (a swing ride), Joe Cool Driving School (which sees kids boarding miniature cars) and Snoopy's Splash Dance (a water play area).

KidZville is a much larger area and incorporates a broader array of attraction, details of which can found in TPT's Kings Dominion ride listings. These are likely to receive a light makeover as part of the transition into the expanded Planet Snoopy, with several in line to be removed.

The announcement has left many Kings Dominion fans disappointed, with the park's initial teaser for a "record-breaking" project have sparked rumors that a new roller coaster would be installed at the park next year.

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