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Video: Six Flags Magic Mountain to open Full Throttle roller coaster in 2013

Full Throttle concept art

Six Flags Magic Mountain has confirmed that it will install a new roller coaster named Full Throttle in 2013, with the ride set to be the tallest, fastest looping coaster in the world.

As had been widely rumored, Full Throttle will feature a record-breaking 160-foot loop. It will also boast a number of other unique elements, including a "top hat" element that spans the other side of the loop, and a total of three launch sections. It will be manufactured by Premier Rides, and will make use of a magnetic propulsion system.

The official video rendering below shows off Full Throttle's ambitious design:

The first of Full Throttle's launch sections will see riders hit a speed of 70 miles per hour, before racing through the vertical loop. After a banked curve to the right and a dive loop, they will then plunge into an underground tunnel. Inside this, they will then be launched backwards, before being dropped into a third, forwards-facing launch section that will send them over the top hat element. Finally, the train will plummet back towards the ground and into a final bend before returning to the station.

Full Throttle will be the centerpiece of a new five-acre section housed close to Six Flags Magic Mountain's entrance. This will feature what the park describes as a "high-energy action" theme, and will boast "fast-paced imagery, sound and lights".

The announcement means that Six Flags Magic Mountain will hang on to its "Coaster Capital of the World" crown for at least one more season, with a total of 18 roller coasters - more than any other park on the planet.

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