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Alton Towers launches online ride photo system

Air roller coaster

Alton Towers has unveiled a new on-ride photo system, which enables guests to acquire a digital copy of their photo from the park's website.

Currently, guests must still purchase a physical copy of the photo from the park before they can download the digital version. The picture can then be downloaded 24 hours later for free from, using a system that is provided by specialist firm Picsolve.

Visitors to Alton Towers are able to purchase photos of themselves riding on a number of the park's most popular attractions, including roller coasters Nemesis, Air, Oblivion, Rita and Thirteen. The images are captured by cameras that are strategically located along the rides' circuits.

It is not yet clear if the online system will be extended to enable guests to purchase digital-only copies of on-ride photos, or if it will remain a complement to the existing, lucrative physical copies.

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Alton towers really seem to be behind the game as the sister park 'Thopre Park' (and in my opinion the better park) have been doing this service for well over a year. At the start of the season this year both me and my best mate went to 'Thorpe Park' and found this to be a great service, as halving the cost of ride photos and then one having the original and the other downloading a really high quality image...Absolutely great idea.

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