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Busch Gardens Williamsburg: Reports of Mäch Tower "closure" wide of the mark

Mach Tower

Busch Gardens Williamsburg has reopened its Mäch Tower attraction, with media reports that the ride would be closed "indefinitely" proving to be inaccurate.

Mäch Tower returned to action on Thursday, July 19, having been closed for a week to review changes recommended by its Italian manufacturer, Moser Rides. Initial reports from the Daily Press had suggested that a much longer refurbishment was on the cards, but it now seems likely that any major changes to the drop tower will be made during the off-season.

Riders on Mäch Tower are carried to the top of a 246-foot tower in a rotating gondola. There, they can take in panoramic views of Busch Gardens Williamsburg, before plummeting towards the ground below at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour. The ride received a glowing review from TPT's Brian Krosnick when it opened last year.

The attraction was originally scheduled to open by May 28, 2011, but its debut was subsequently delayed by nearly 3 months. Rumors at the time sugggested that a failure to properly install shock absorbers at the base of the ride's tower had led to the extended delay, with Busch Gardens Williamsburg being forced to wait for replacement parts from the supplier before testing could restart.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg's new addition for 2012, the Verbolten roller coaster, has also suffered its share of downtime during its debut season. The ride packs in two launch sections along with some unique special effects, and the park will hope to improve its reliability (as is fairly typical for new coasters) over the coming months.

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