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Cedar Point to open B&M Wing Rider roller coaster in 2013

The Swarm at Thorpe Park

Cedar Point is reportedly planning to open a new Bolliger & Mabillard Wing Rider roller coaster in 2013, with the project expected to cost $25 million.

The Sandusky Register reports that Cedar Fair CEO informed the chain's board that its flagship park would install the new coaster in a memo in February. The coaster is expected to replace the Space Spiral and Disaster Transport rides, and will sit close to Cedar Point's entrance.

The new ride, codenamed "CP Alt.Winged", will be similar in style to X-Flight at Six Flags Great America and Wild Eagle at Dollywood, both of which opened in 2011. It will see riders seated on "wings" on either side of its trains. Its circuit is likely to include a number of "near-miss" elements, which are enabled by the trains' configuration.

The memo reportedly describes the ride as including a 170-feet-tall lift hill, and the longest track of any B&M Wing Rider model built to date. The track will extend out over one of Cedar Point's parking lots.

Cedar Point recently came in for criticism from fans for removing the WildCat roller coaster, reducing the total number of coasters at the park to 16. The addition of the new ride will still not be enough to see it reclaim the "coaster capital of the world" crown from Six Flags Magic Mountain, which will also install a new coaster in 2013 to bring its total to 18. The removal of the existing Disaster Transport coaster will leave Cedar Point's total unchanged.

There are 2 comments.

Not to mention, Disaster Transport is an indoor bobsled coaster, so the park's coaster count would remain at 16 if this new coaster replaces that one. But with the new CEO, I think it's clear that the "coaster wars" are over. He's a family park guy, not a megalomaniac with millions at his disposable and a personal favorite park like the old CEO was.

Good point, Brian...duly amended above.

I agree, Ouimet is not going to engage in the coaster wars. Ironically, Six Flags' last CEO, Mark Shapiro, tried to make its parks more family-friendly...and ultimately paid the price by being forced out.

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