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Indoor Universal Studios theme park planned for Moscow in Russia

Universal Studios Hollywood tour image

Plans to build an indoor Universal Studios theme park in Moscow have been revealed, with construction work potentially set to begin in 2014.

Reuters reports that the park will be part of a larger complex being developed by Russian property group BIN. The $2.8 billion total cost of the project has yet to be approved, and the plans for the park still require approval from Moscow authorities.

The Orlando Sentinel reveals further details of the proposed park, which would be the first Universal Studios theme park in Europe. It would cover 37 acres, and would be housed indoors to protect it from Moscow's harsh winter climate. Also included in the broader Galactica Park would be a Universal Studios water park and a CityWalk nighttime entertainment district similar to those in Hollywood and Orlando.

There are still significant obstacles facing the project, including securing the funds required to begin construction. If this is successful, work could be completed by 2018.

Universal's overseas project have met with mixed success in recent years. Universal Studios Japan has proven to be a lasting success, while Universal Studios Singapore opened in 2010. However, plans for Universal Studios Korea and Universal Studios Dubai have been stalled by complex negotiations and funding issues for a number of years.

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cant we have a uk one first?

Hate to be awkward but last time I checked Russia wasn't in Europe!

Actually Russia spans Europe and Asia, but most of its population lives in the European part.

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