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Dorney Park reveals April 28, 2012 opening date for Dinosaurs Alive! attraction

Dinosaurs Alive! triceratops

Dorney Park has revealed that its Dinosaurs Alive! attraction will debut on April 28, 2012, with guests required to pay a $5 upcharge to experience it.

The attraction will be very similar to the original Dinosaurs Alive! exhibit at Kings Island, reviewed by Theme Park Tourist last year. It will, however, be slightly smaller, hosting 37 life-size animatronic dinosaurs produced by Canadian firm Dinosaurs Unearthed.

Dinosaurs Alive! will feature a total of seven scenes, with guests able to control the movements of a limited number of dinosaurs using interactive consoles. Alongside the dinosaurs, Dinosaurs Alive! will feature a replica excavation site and an area where children can "dig for fossils".

All of the dinosaur models will be covered in skin-like materials and will feature realistic movements. The largest model on show will be the Ruyangosaurus, which will reach a height of almost 40 feet and a length of 72 feet.

Dorney Park is also due to open the Stinger roller coaster in 2012. The ride has been relocated from California's Great America, where it was known as Invertigo.

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