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SeaWorld Orlando's Sky Tower now included with park admission

SeaWorld Orlando Sky Tower

The 400-feet-tall Sky Tower at SeaWorld Orlando is now included with the price of admission to the park, enabling all guests to enjoy it without paying an upcharge.

SeaWorld Orlando's official website confirms the removal of the charge, which was reported by the Orlando Sentinel last week. Previously, in order to experience the Sky Tower, guests had to pay an extra $4 (or $3 for annual passholders).

The Orlando park is following in the footsteps of sister park SeaWorld San Diego, which stopped charging for its version of the Sky Tower in 2011. Both parks are aiming to offer more value to guests, and removing the upcharge enables them to do this without making a major capital investment.

The Sky Tower opened alongside SeaWorld Orlando in 1974, and offers a birds-eye view of the park and the surrounding area. SeaWorld Orlando claims that the attraction adds a sense of "retro-cool" to its skyline.

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