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Dreamland Margate to reopen in summer 2013 following £3.7 million Lottery grant

Dreamland Margate artist's impression

Plans to restore the shuttered Dreamland Margate amusement park have received a boost, with the UK's Heritage Lottery awarding the project a £3.7 million grant.

The plans will see Dreamland transformed into a "historic amusement park", holding a range of classic attractions. The Dreamland Trust, which is behind the restoration efforts, now says it has all of the funds required to reopen the park in summer 2013.

A key element of the park's revival will be repairs to the famous Scenic Railway roller coaster, which will form the centrepiece of Dreamland when it returns to operation. The ride was badly damaged in arson attack in 2008, and has stood derelict ever since.

A number of vintage amusement park attractions have been rescued from other defunct seaside parks around the UK by the Dreamland Trust, and will now be rehomed at the updated park. These include the Cableway from Pleasureland Southport, the former Wild Mouse coaster from Morecambe’s Pleasure Park, and the Whip that was removed from Blackpool Pleasure Beach in 2008.

The Dreamland Trust hopes to attract 350,000 visitors a year to the updated Dreamland. The Heritage Lottery Grant will be spent on restoring the Scenic Railway, along with the Dreamland Cinema and the park's main entrance. Full details of the plans can be found on the Dreamland Margate website.

There are 7 comments.

I am so please the dreamland amusement park is re-opening again, it holds wonderful memories for me from my childhood and I can't wait to take my children along next year to experience the fun I had as child.

This is such exciting news! I used to go to bembom brothers as a child! I remember the roller coaster, how it used to click up all the rungs until it reached the top! then woooosh!

Also, who can forget the Maryrose ride! you used to be chucked up at vertical right angleso n the boat, whilst everyones change and possessions when flying past my head.

I hope they bring the candi floss machine back too, the final experience of the day for me was standing at margate train station waiting for the train whilst stuffing my face full of pink candifloss!yum!

Fantastic news we are all so pleased to hear such great news. Dreamland Margate we love you

It looks like another fight with the land owners,I give up!! I'm worn-out and fed up with it. Dreamland as had its day, sorry to say it's game over.


2013 and still waiting its never going to happen too many crooks with their fingers in the pot

The plan has been held up while the current owners of the site appealed against a compulsory purchase order from the council. This appeal was rejected yesterday, so hopefully the purchase order can now go through and construction work can actually start.

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