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Orlando Thrill Park plans revived following new zoning agreement

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Plans for the Orlando Thrill Park have been revived, after the city council reached an agreement that could allow the development to move forward.

13 News reports that the council has agreed to zoning adjustments that would enable the proposed site for the park to be used for amusement purposes. Previously, the Orlando Municipal Planning Board had rejected changes to the use of the land in the Tangelo Park area, with the project's developers subsequently stating that they would drop plans to appeal.

A public hearing on the proposals is due to take place on November 14, 2011. Local residents have previously raised concerns about noise levels, which the park's backers had moved to address. Orlando Thrill Park Partners claimed that it would construct a 650-feet buffer wall and a canal in order to minimize the noise impact, which it claimed would not exceed 70 decibels (the same level as traffic on the road) in neighboring residential areas.

Initial designs for the Orlando Thrill Park show that it would host 14 large thrill rides. This would include rollercoasters from major manufacturers including Intamin, Vekoma and Mack, alongside a range of flat rides from companies including S&S Power and Mondial. Full details of the proposed attractions can be found in Theme Park Tourist's initial report.

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