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Big Thunder Mountain Railroad reopens at Disneyland Paris following derailment

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Disneyland Paris has reopened the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad rollercoaster, just days after a derailment forced its closure. reports that the coaster returned to action on October 31, 2011. This came as something of a surprise, with an investigation expected to take place after one of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad's trains derailed on October 27, resulting in two minor injuries.

One of the train's carriages came off the tracks just before the second of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad's three lift hills, causing the cars behind it to collide. According to media reports, one man suffered back problems following the accident, while a young girl hurt her knee.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was closed after another incident on April 25, 2011, which left the ride out-of-action for just under a month. One man was seriously injured in the accident, which was initially reported to have occurred when a piece of fake rockwork fell onto the track in front of the train. The serious injury, and four other minor injuries, were said to have been caused when the "rock" was flung upwards when the train ran into it during its ascent up the ride's final lift hill.

The rollercoaster reopened on May 21, 2011. Disneyland Paris did not reveal whether any changes were made to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad as a result of the accident and subsequent investigation.

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