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Drayton Manor plans further licensed attractions following success of Ben 10: Ultimate Mission

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Drayton Manor has praised the impact of attractions based on licensed characters, hailing its new Ben 10: Ultimate Mission rollercoaster as an immediate success. reports that over 330,000 riders have now experienced the coaster, which opened on April 23, 2011. Drayton Manor expects to attract 200,000 new visitors as a result of the ride's debut, and managing director Colin Bryan has previously described licensed attractions as "very much the way forward".

Ben 10: Ultimate Mission features a "world's first" design and a heavily themed, interactive queue. However, it is the park's decision to license the Ben 10 cartoon characters that is credited with pulling in new guests. The show, which debuted in 2005, depicts the adventures of 10-year-old Ben Tennyson, who is able to use a mysterious device to turn himself into a variety of alien superheroes.

Ben 10 - Ultimate Mission is a variation on Vekoma's classic Boomerang design, dubbed a "Junior Boomerang". It features a 65-feet-tall lift hill, and hits a maximum speed of 34 miles per hour. Riders are pulled up the hill backwards, traversing the circuit once in a forwards direction, before completing a return trip facing backwards. A full circuit can be seen in the video below:

The plot of Ben 10: Ultimate Mission centres around the Omnitrix, the watch-like device that gives Ben his superpowers. It is told through an indoor queue that snakes around a series of locations from the TV show, helping to set the scene for the ride itself.

You can read more about Drayton Manor's new ride in our in-depth review of Ben 10: Ultimate Mission. You can also see photos of the attraction in our Ben 10: Ultimate Mission gallery.

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