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Vortex rollercoaster at Kings Island to reopen within "a few weeks"

Vortex rollercoaster at Kings Island

The Vortex rollercoaster is expected to reopen at Kings Island within "a few weeks", after a replacement was ordered for a broken chain link.

Vortex has been closed since an incident on July 1, 2011 which saw the coaster's lift hill chain fail as it pulled a train towards the ride's first drop. quotes Kings Island spokesman Don Helbig as saying that a replacement part is expected to arrive during the next few weeks.

Opened in 1987, Vortex is a steel rollercoaster manufactured by Arrow Dynamics. At the time of its debut, it featured more inversions (six) than any other coaster in the world, and was also briefly the tallest coaster in the world.

Kings Island opened two new attractions in 2011, as well as making a host of upgrades to existing rides. Theme Park Tourist recently posted in-depth reviews of the WindSeeker spinning tower ride and Dinosaurs Alive! interactive exhibit.

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