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No reopening date known for closed Skyride at Alton Towers

Skyride at Alton Towers

The Skyride is currently out of action at Alton Towers, with no reopening date set for the park's main method of internal transportation.

A note on the official Alton Towers website states "a million apologies - the Skyride is currently unavailable", while fansite Towers Times reports that the attraction has been closed for two weeks. The reason for the downtime has not been made public.

The Skyride is an important attraction for Alton Towers, since it allows guests to move around the park's sprawling grounds at a much faster pace than they can on foot. The gondolas of the ride carry guests over the Towers' famous gardens, saving significant walking time.

The attraction has had a troubled recent history, having been affected by serious fires in 2007 and 2009. On both occasions, fires affected the Skyride's stations, although there is no suggestion that the current closure is related to fire damage. Instead, rumours point to a possible need to replace the ride's cable.

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its a shame i love the sky ride

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