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Video: Flying Jungle Cruise elephant soars over Disneyland

Jungle Cruise entrance

Disney has released a new video showing one of the model elephants from the Jungle Cruise being removed by helicopter to undergo refurbishment work.

The video, posted to the Disney Parks Blog and embedded below, shows the elephant passing over the River Belle Terrace and Rivers of America areas of Disneyland. It is expected to be return to its position on the Jungle Cruise within about 7 weeks, having being restored to prime condition.

According to Disney, the model elephants on the Jungle Cruise attraction are refurbished once every 7-10 years. The ride has been in place since Disneyland's opening day in 1955, having been conceived by Walt Disney himself. Disney originally hoped to populate the attraction with real animals, but abandoned this idea when it became clear it would be too difficult to keep them in place close to the water's edge.

The Jungle Cruise simulates a riverboat cruise down the major rivers of Asia, Africa and South America. Guests travel aboard replica tram steamers, accompanied by live commentary from the boat's "skipper".

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