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Kings Island: Dinosaurs Alive! to open on May 26, 2011 despite fire

Kings Island Dinosaurs Alive image

Kings Island has confirmed that its new Dinosaurs Alive! exhibit will open as planned on May 26, 2011, despite being struck by a fire earlier this week.

One of the animatronic dinosaurs that feature in the exhibit caught fire on Tuesday, May 24, after the park had closed to the public. The fire was successfully extinguished by the Mason Fire Department, with none of the other dinosaur models being affected. Kings Island is investigating the cause of the blaze, but says the opening date has not been changed. features a video of the fire, which was captured from the camera that is tracking construction of the new WindSeeker attraction at the park. It shows a large cloud of black smoke rising above Dinosaurs Alive!.

Dinosaurs! Alive will be the world's largest animatronic dinosaur park when it opens, and will occupy 15.5 acres of wooded land close to The Racer rollercoaster. It will feature more than 60 life-sized dinosaur models, 56 of which will be animatronic.

The new addition to Kings Island has been put together by Dinosaurs Unearthed, a Canadian company which produces travelling dinosaur exhibits. Guests will have to pay an additional fee of $5 to enter Dinosaurs Alive!, on top of the park's standard admission fee.

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