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Alton Towers is set to begin planning a major new attraction during the next few weeks, with the aim of opening it in 2013 or 2014.

Towers Times reports that initial planning will begin in three weeks time, with 2014 being the more likely opening year. The project has been dubbed "Secret Weapon 7" (SW7), in line with previous headline attractions at the park.

The news was revealed by legendary coaster designer John Wardley at a special event to discuss the park's past, present and future. Wardley also claimed that the ride will be aimed at thrill seekers, unlike 2010's Thirteen which is targeted squarely at families.

Fans of wooden rollercoasters will be disappointed to hear that the park is unlikely to install one, despite submitting detailed plans in the past. Alton Towers claims that surveys have revealed that many theme park-goers view wooden coasters as unsafe, posing problems for the park's marketing department.

Those hoping for improvements to the effects in Thirteen's crypt section, which has come under fire (including in TPT's own review) for its lack of special effects, are also set to be disappointed. Alton Towers says that there are no plans to install any additional effects, despite rumours to the contrary.

Full details of the Alton Towers event, including the park's plans to reuse the tent that once housed the Black Hole rollercoaster and discussion of how Thirteen was built, can be found in Towers Times' report.

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hi i have to aggree on the size of the restraints!! i am not a body builder but have been going to theme parks for the last 10 years now, so spend a fourtune there, but when i gained weight i was always finding the rides more snug, i find that the older rides are more comfy, but some give me dead legs now which sucks!

swarm at thorpe park, i went on after lost weight and could hardly stand after due to lack of blood in my legs!!!!

please give us more info on the new ride!!

Expect SW7 to have a UFO kind of theme, ie, abandoned research facilty used to build/re-engineer downed 50,s flying saucers, The layout and plans for the track are ideally set out to do amazing areial manouvers, you heard it here first!!

Yes firstly I think the restraints should be appropriate enough to easily fit someone with a 60" chest I visited on the 20/6/2012 with my friend who is a body builder and he could not ride sonic spinball and the leg restraints didn't close enough after waiting 30 minutes so we decided to try air and the same thing happened there after waiting for 40 minutes other such rides such as oblivion and nemesis are not a problem this is an issue I think Alton Towers needs to address to accommodate larger people this sort of thing never happens in Disney land Florida as there geared for this I think Alton Towers should sit up and take note as this ruined my friends experience and I'm sure would of ruined many other larger peoples experience

Many thanks

i think the new sw7 rollercoaster shoulld have a awlsome tunnel where you wallk throu. and as you go in there shoulld be smoke and a door where it tackes 10 minits to open. then when the doors open you go throu a corodor thats got a glass floor so it looks liuke your wallking on air. and theres wallter fall of blood under neath you.

nowe to the rollercoaster plat fourm.
the plat fourm shoulld have a dark fealling somthing like a church whith some zomnbie noises and a church bell.and thay shoulld have the wourkers that get u in the rollercoaster to wear clothing that popes wear.
just so this will give a evill fill.

and now the rollercoaster tracke.
i think thay shoulld have a lift chain hill that gose up 124 ft high and then stop. then a church bell rings then you fall. straight after the fall theres a 100 ft diving loop then you have g fource twists and courck screews then have a inverted loop so you doint go up like a nourmall loop you go upside down as you go on the loop then a finall free fall drop then a 50ft loop then you go in two the station.

nowe the roller coaster train.
shoulld have a train like the saw ride but it shoulld be blacke and read whith a cage that gose over youas you sit in. aand also the bellts shoulld be a over shoullder restraint whith a bar that gose between your legs like submishion the ride .

pls reply back smoeone so i have a good i dea of what other people thinks.

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