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Demon Drop to close on November 1 at Cedar Point

Cedar Point has announced that its Demon Drop ride will close on November 1, before moving to its new home at Knott's Berry Farm.

The park will hold a contest to select the final riders on Demon Drop, details of which have not yet been announced. Knott's Berry Farm is expected to begin operating the attraction in its new location in Spring 2010. Cedar Point has no plans to replace it following the move.

A first-generation Intamin Freefall attraction, Demon Drop has been at Cedar Point since 1983. Riders are carried up an elevator shaft four at a time, before being dropped downwards on a track. It is the only remaining first-generation Freefall ride in the United States.

Theme park chain Cedar Fair, which owns both parks, has faced severe criticism over its decision to move the aging ride to Knott's Berry Farm. Both the LA Times and Theme Park Insider have mocked the move, which comes as competing parks in California are carrying out multi-million dollar upgrades.

However, Cedar Point spokesman Robin Innes defended the move, claiming that the park had been unable to sell the attraction and that moving it was a better solution. He claimed Knott's Berry Farm was selected due to its lack of similar attractions - although compressed-air tower ride Supreme Scream would seem to fall into the same category.

"It was still a popular attraction, a popular ride here. It's going to give close to half a million rides this year," said Innes. "Over its life here, it will have given 19 million rides - but with other rides like Power Tower and the bigger coasters, it wasn't one of our headline rides anymore."

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