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Detonator: Bombs Away at Thorpe Park

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Angry Birds Land

Drop tower

Opening Date:
Apr 6, 2001

115 feet

Maximum speed:
46 mph


Mega Drop Tower

Minimum height:
51 inches

Thorpe Park’s obligatory drop tower ride is on a slightly smaller scale to many of its other attractions, standing at “just” 115-feet-tall. Guests are raised to the top of the tower, being held for a short period to enable them to experience views across the park and beyond. Not for long, as they then plummet towards the ground. The ride achieves at top speed of 47 miles per hour, with pneumatics being used to ensure a “faster than freefall” drop. The attraction now features an Angry Birds theme.

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Reviews of Detonator: Bombs Away:

Brown pants time
Submitted by sirusstest
on Friday, August 26, 2011 13:04

Before you get on this ride and watch it, it doesn't look that fast, but the pnuematic push towards the ground at nearly 50mph gives that split second of feeling of you are going to meet your maker! Queue times always reasonable and the fact the operator can choose when to release the button gives it another twist as you just never know when the moment will come. Underatted as there are just so many good thrill seeking rides at Thorpe Park that this gets overlooked, but don't let that detract you from its merits.


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