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Thorpe Park Reviews and Guide

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Thorpe Park

Key information

Chertsey, Surrey, England

Opening date: 
May 31, 1979

Merlin Entertainments Group

Official website:
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One of the leading theme parks in the UK, Thorpe Park is focused almost exclusively on thrill rides. Its major rollercoasters include Colossus (the world's first rollercoaster to feature 10 inversions), Stealth (which accelerates from 0-80mph in 1.8 seconds) and SAW - The Ride (which includes the steepest free fall drop in the world). It is also home to a number of intense flat rides and an assortment of water rides, including the UK's tallest log flume (Loggers Leap).

History: Thorpe Park was first opened in 1979, on the site of a former gravel quarry which had been flooded by its owners to create an educational water park. Few links remain to this era besides the park's selection of water rides and its large lake. Instead, owners The Tussauds Group (taken over by Merlin Entertainsment Group in 2007) have opted to transform the park into a thrill-seeker's paradise. The park has seen major investment since 2002 with installation of 5 major rollercoasters, and the addition of several attractions moved from nearby Chessington World of Adventures (which is also owned by Merlin and now caters for families).

Top Rides and Shows:

Rumba Rapids
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0 reviews
Your rating: None (9 votes)
0 reviews
Saw - The Ride
Your rating: None (7 votes)
0 reviews
Depth Charge
Your rating: None (1 vote)
0 reviews
Detonator: Bombs Away
Your rating: None (3 votes)
1 review

Top Restaurants:

Ben and Jerry's Scoop Shack
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0 reviews
Amity Fish & Chips
Your rating: None (6 votes)
0 reviews
Burger King
Your rating: None (4 votes)
0 reviews
Your rating: None (155 votes)
0 reviews
Amity Coffee Shack
Your rating: None (12 votes)
0 reviews

Top Hotels:

Thorpe Shark Hotel
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0 reviews

More information:

New attraction opening dates
Find out the latest confirmed and rumored opening dates for new rides at Thorpe Park.

Refurbishment schedule
Check for any scheduled temporary ride closures at Thorpe Park.

Latest News:

Thorpe Park has renamed its new on-site hotel as the Thorpe Shark Hotel, ahead of its debut in April 2014.

Thorpe Park is expected to open a new roller coaster by 2017. Here are three "world first" coasters that the park might consider adding to its line-up.

Thorpe Park will open a new land themed around the Angry Birds mobile game for the 2014 season, the park has announced.

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