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Living With the Land at Epcot

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Future World - The Land Pavilion

Boat ride

Opening Date:
Dec 10, 1993

This informative boat ride travels through the greenhouses of The Land pavilion where food is produced for the park. While on board, guests learn about cutting edge farming techniques and view dark ride scenes depicting ecological systems from around the world.

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Reviews of Living With the Land:

Learn how Man is "Living With the Land"
Submitted by sirusstest
on Monday, October 07, 2013 21:22

By no means am I someone with a "green thumb". I do not and would not have my own garden as doing so holds no interest to me.

That having been said, however, I do find "Living With the Land" to be a very interesting attraction (and an underrated one) in Epcot's "The Land" pavilion.

There's nothing thrilling or exciting about this slow-moving boat ride but what makes it worthwhile is just seeing the innovations in growing all different kinds of plants and vegetables at work. It shows you how food is grown in varying ecosystems such as desert, rain forest, etc. There are many varieties of exotic and well-known plants growing in this environment, some of which are growing in the oddest of ways.....yet still thriving.

An interesting plus to the ride is that much of the vegetables and edible plants you see being grown are also served to guests in WDW restaurants, so it's not all for display purposes.

Fortunately for those who already know and enjoy this attraction, there is almost NEVER any kind of wait for it. You simply walk right up and there's the boat waiting for you and off you go. It's an enjoyable and educational little ride that is well worth checking out.

Not every great attraction has to be a thrilling one. Sometimes it's all about whether it's interesting or not, and "Living With the Land" really is.

A great look at what Disney does for "the Land"
Submitted by sirusstest
on Sunday, September 15, 2013 20:39

Living with the Land is a one-of-a-kind experience for a theme park. I have been to several parks, and no park is able to show innovation beyond rides like Disney does with EPCOT and this attraction.

The ride goes through several greenhouses and shows you the unique way that they grow several different plants at the Disney park. Making the journey even more worth it, the food that is sold at "the Land" contains some of the ingredients that are grown in the Living With the Land attraction.


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