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10 Strange Facts About the Disney-Universal Theme Park Rivalry

Disney and Universal are now known as bitter rivals in the theme park industry. But that hasn't always been the case - in fact, the two firms share more in common than you may realize. For much of the past three decades - ever since Universal announced plans to build a theme park in Florida in the

6 Strange Things That You'd Only Ever See at a Disney Theme Park

Disney's theme parks are meant to offer a fantastical, idealised view of the world. Sometimes, though, the scenes witnessed at the parks can be bizarre even by Disney's standards. Occasionally, Disney does so something so out-of-this-world that it appears unusual even in the context of a theme park

The 20 New Rides, Shops and Restaurants Coming to Walt Disney World by 2017

There are huge swathes of new rides, shops and restaurants due to open at Walt Disney World by 2017. Here's an update on the latest confirmed and rumored additions to the resort.

10 Essential Things That Happen at Disney Theme Parks After Closing Time

Have you ever wondered what happens at Disney theme parks after they close for the night? Here are 10 essential things that Cast Members do to prepare for opening time the next day!

10 Big Ways That Disney Theme Parks Have Changed Since 1955

Disneyland first opened in July 1955. Since then, there have been some BIG changes to Disney's theme parks...

The 21 (Fake) Mountains That Every Disney Fan Needs to Summit

Disney is famous for building enormous fake mountains at its theme parks. How many Disney peaks have you summited?

5 Amazing New Ways That Theme Parks Will Rock Your Senses in 2014

Theme parks are constantly pushing the boundaries of technology to create new experiences for their visitors. Here are 5 new tricks that they have up their sleeves for 2014.

The History of Disney Theme 130 Classic Photos

Join us on a journey through six decades of Disney theme park history, brought to life in 130 classic photographs.

10 Disney Theme Park Attractions That Closed Almost as Soon as They Opened

Were you among the few people who managed to experience these short-lived Disney theme park attractions before they were closed for good?

The 10 Lost Walt Disney World Attractions That We Miss The Most

Over the years, dozens of rides and shows have been removed or replaced at Walt Disney World's theme parks. Here are 10 classic attractions that we miss the most.

By the Numbers: A Comparison of Disney's Theme Parks

Disney's theme parks are the most popular in the world. Let's compare them to see which are the biggest, smallest, busiest and most attraction-packed.

The Imagineering of Disney's Magic Kingdom in 19 Stunning Images

All of Disney's theme parks start life as sketches and concept artwork. Take a look at how the company's Imagineers envisioned the Magic Kingdom and its attractions.

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