Tomorrowland Speedway

Few theme park attractions can truly stand the test of time. They are iconic and nostalgic, and just make guests happy. Then, others simply don’t. Some attractions either should never have been opened or do not live up to what they could be. Others are simply outdated. 

Let’s explore 4 Walt Disney World attractions that need to go, and a few we hope are here to stay for years to come.

MUST GO: 1. Mission: SPACE at Epcot

Mission: SPACE has faced criticism for its intense simulation, causing discomfort for some visitors. If you have ever ridden this sickening attraction, you know the ride's forces and enclosed space can lead to motion sickness and claustrophobia. The elements of this ride deter guests who might be seeking a more accessible and enjoyable experience. 

Additionally, the attraction simply lacks the timeless charm and storytelling associated with other Disney rides. They should get rid of Mission: SPACE altogether. This would present an opportunity for a more inclusive, captivating attraction that attracts guests and ensures a memorable and less nauseating experience.

CAN NEVER GO: 1. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is the pinnacle of theme park brilliance. This attraction seamlessly merges incredibly immersive theming with spine-tingling thrills and creates a uniquely captivating experience. The eerie Twilight Zone narrative, coupled with the meticulous attention to detail in design, truly sets it apart from most thrill rides within the theme park industry. 

This attraction has one of, if not THE best queue experiences of all the Walt Disney World attractions. Tower of Terror embodies Disney's commitment to pushing the boundaries of imagination and ensuring an unforgettable blend of storytelling and excitement. Its timeless appeal and sheer innovation make it an indispensable, irreplaceable gem at Walt Disney World. It has earned its place as Hollywood Studio’s park icon.

MUST GO: 2.“It’s Tough to Be a Bug!” at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

"It's Tough to Be a Bug!" is a show themed to characters from A Bug's Life. It is an attraction that is regularly too intense and frightening for young children. The 3D show, featuring unexpected sensory elements and simulated insect encounters, can be overwhelming and scary even for some adults. 

This reporter has never visited this attraction without hearing the terrified screams of children during the performance. Replacing it with a more child-friendly and universally enjoyable experience would be a much better choice. Especially considering Animal Kingdom does not have as many attractions for younger children.

Fortunately, it seems this dream may soon be a reality as it was announced at D23 in 2023 that the show would be replaced with a new Zootopia-themed show. This will be a much better fit and surely will not lead to children crying as they leave the attraction. We are excited to see what this new experience will look like and will keep you posted as updates arrive. 

CAN NEVER GO: 2. Pirates of the Caribbean at Magic Kingdom

Pirates of the Caribbean is a timeless gem that seamlessly blends immersive theming with thrilling entertainment. As one of the last attractions Walt Disney himself worked on, the attraction's intricate storytelling, iconic characters, and attention to detail make it a quintessential Disney experience. From the swashbuckling adventure to the unforgettable soundtrack, Pirates of the Caribbean captures the essence of Disney magic.

It has universal appeal, as it is suitable for all ages, and it showcases Disney's ability to create enduring classics. The ride’s historical significance as one of the attractions Walt Disney was most excited to create further solidifies its place as a cherished and irreplaceable component of the Walt Disney World experience...


MUST GO: 3. Tomorrowland Speedway at Magic Kingdom

Tomorrowland Speedway has become increasingly outdated and contrasting to Tomorrowland's futuristic theme. Not to mention, if you have ever let a child drive with you, it can be downright painful. Replacing Tomorrowland Speedway with something more modern and more technologically impressive would align better with a place in Tomorrowland. 

Many children really enjoy driving their own vehicle, yet while the technology for Tomorrowland Speedway was innovative when it opened, it lacks that now. It should be replaced with a similar concept, yet one that uses more innovative ride vehicles and systems. 

Many believe a ride themed to "Sugar Rush" from the Wreck-It Ralph movies would be a good fit. It would merge the thrill and technology that would give it a place in Tomorrowland with imagination and wonder that fits in on the border of Fantasyland.

CAN NEVER GO: 3. Haunted Mansion at Magic Kingdom

Haunted Mansion is a masterpiece. This attraction seamlessly weaves spooky and immersive theming with captivating music and timeless effects. This attraction opened in 1971 when the park opened, and many of the effects designed by Yale Gracy still impress today. 

From the iconic ghostly inhabitants to the perfect blend of eerie charm and family-friendly thrills, Haunted Mansion has an enduring popularity across generations. The meticulously crafted atmosphere, intricate storytelling, and hauntingly delightful soundtrack make it indispensable. Catching a glimpse of those grim, grinning ghosts should be the hallmark of any Walt Disney World visit. 

MUST GO (sort of): 4. Kali River Rapids at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Disney should consider reimagining Kali River Rapids, as its immersive theming, while impactful, falls short on excitement. The current experience focuses heavily on deforestation and environmental conservation, but it lacks the thrilling elements and immersive storytelling found in other Disney attractions. A revamp could infuse more dynamic and exhilarating features, enhancing the ride's overall appeal. 

As one of Walt Disney World’s only water attractions, it is a fun water ride. By improving the excitement level and including a more captivating story, Disney could elevate Kali River Rapids to a more engaging and memorable adventure. This transformation would ensure that the attraction remains a compelling draw for visitors seeking both immersive storytelling and the thrill of a captivating water ride, especially on those hot Florida days.


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