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Looking for the perfect cup of tea in Walt Disney World? Tracking down nearly any other Disney snack may be an easier feat (with the obvious exception of Starbucks), but with some effort there is an astounding amount of unique teas at the resort just waiting to be discovered:

United Kingdom

Tea Caddy

Image: Disney

Perhaps the most obvious go-to spot for tea at Walt Disney World would be the United Kingdom pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase. Ironically enough though, this spot is actually not the place to have afternoon tea, (we’ll get to that location later). While you may order a cup of tea at the Rose and Crown Dining Room, the real draw in terms of beverages to enjoy in the park while visiting the U.K. is in the traditional ales, lagers, and stouts served in the pub. For tea, you’ll actually need to cross the street and visit the gift shop appropriately called the Tea Caddy.

The Tea Caddy is the place to shop for Twinings Tea of all varieties during your Disney vacation. You may be wondering why you would purchase Twinings Tea at Walt Disney World, since you can probably honestly find the same items cheaper in your local grocery store. Aside from the basics like English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, and Earl Grey, the Tea Caddy offers more of Twinings seasonal blends and a couple of other different varieties of tea that you may have a more difficult time tracking down at home. The shop is also home to an array of Twinings and other tea-themed souvenirs sure to please any tea lover.


Katsura Grill

Image: Disney

For a quick tea stop in Japan, have a seat at Katsura Grill, the pavilion’s quick service restaurant that is ironically designed after a traditional Japanese tea house. In addition to udon, teriyaki, and sushi dishes save some room for green tea, or green tea ice cream or cheesecake for dessert.

Tokyo Dining and Teppan Edo may be all about sushi and hibachi dining, but if you have a lunch or dinner planned here and are looking to get in some tea with your meal, the restaurant serves both hot and iced green tea, as well as green tea soft serve ice cream (the same kind that is served in the cart outside, and green tea mousse cake.

Japan’s merchandise set up can be a tea lover’s paradise too. The items in the shop rotate fairly regularly, so if you see a certain tea set you like you may want to snag it while you’re there. Mitsukoshi is also a great place to look for matcha products specifically, as the prices are often reasonable for Disney, and you may even walk away with a better quality and less expensive matcha than what you would find at your local grocery store.


Nine Dragons

Image: Disney

Continuing around World Showcase, stop at China for even more tea-loving goodness. Nine Dragons boasts traditional jasmine tea in addition to a delicious Blackberry Jasmine Iced Tea, iced chai tea, and hot chai milk tea. Right next door in the pavilion’s quick service restaurant, the Lotus Blossom Café, sip on Iced Peach Oolong Tea, or traditional Chinese hot tea (depending on the time of your visit).

For the best tea experience in China however, you’ll want to head to the outermost part of the pavilion to the Joy of Tea Kiosk. The Joy of Tea is the place in Epcot to enjoy some bubble tea (with even more flavors available during the Epcot International Food and Wine or Flower and Garden Festivals at the additional nearby kiosks. Year-round, the Joy of Tea offers bubble milk tea made with sweetened, peach flavored black tea with tapioca pearls, and a sweetened lychee flavored black tea.

Joy of Tea

Image: Disney

Additional teas of interest here are the traditional jasmine tea and Dragon Well Tea, along with the unique tea smoothies featuring mango green tea and strawberry oolong. The Joy of Tea is also home to one of the most delicious tea cocktails at Walt Disney World, Tipsy Ducks in Love, which is made with bourbon whisky, coffee, black tea, cream and chocolate syrup.

Before leaving China, don’t forget to wander through the pavilion’s gift shops! There you’ll find a variety of traditional Chinese teas as well as tea pots, sets, and other tea accessories.


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