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Seeing Hidden Mickeys Everywhere? You Might Just Be Imagining Things...

Hidden Mickey or just decoration?

Hidden Mickey Walt Disney World

Image: Disney

While there are no set guidelines for determining which Mickeys are intentional versus hidden, “Hidden” should be kept in mind as the main focus. The Mickeys scattered throughout Harambe Village in Disney’s Animal Kingdom are most likely intentional. Though this area does include some variety in the artistic takes on the character, it does not appear that any effort was taken to keep the Mickeys “Hidden,” thereby making them more decorative than known Hidden Mickeys.

Conversely, the Carousel of Progress is filled with non-traditional Hidden Mickeys that are indeed hidden. In the last scene alone, you may find a Mickey plush and an abstract Mickey painting. Both of these examples may not fit the typical three-circle criteria, but they are so blended in with the rest of the scene that they remain “hidden” to the average guest. See if you can spot them (and some others) during your next visit to the Carousel of Progress!

Carousel of Progress

Image: Disney

In most cases, it is easy to decipher whether or not a so-called Hidden Mickey truly is a Hidden Mickey or an elaborate piece of theming, however one location where the lines tend to become blurred is at the Magic Kingdom’s Haunted Mansion. One of the most famous Hidden Mickeys may be found during the ballroom scene. While your doombuggy is gliding through the room, check out the place setting on the table all the way to your left. Notice anything peculiar about those last few plates? This setting includes on large plate with two smaller plates, or ears. It definitely fits the basic criteria of what makes a Hidden Mickey, although this one was actually created by cast members who work at the Mansion and are able to rearrange the plates.

Another cast member-created, or rather enhanced, Hidden Mickey may be found in the gift shop at the Dino Institute on your way out of the Dinosaur ride in Animal Kingdom. As you pass through the photo viewing area, you’ll notice a large mural of the Carnotaurus. Somewhere in this image lies a traditional three-circled Hidden Mickey. This Hidden Mickey has never been easy to spot, especially from the other side of the counter where guests would be viewing the mural from, and over the years a cast member or two has taken a hand in darkening the circles with a simple ballpoint pen.

Occasionally, you may come across other hidden characters besides the main Mouse himself. Back at the Haunted Mansion, if you look closely enough you may be able to find a hidden Donald or two on chairs located in a couple of the show scenes.

Outside the parks

Solar Panels

Image: Disney

One larger than life Hidden Mickey is actually not noticeable from where you would be viewing it from. When the Walt Disney World resort installed a series of solar panels on property, the panels were arranged to create a silhouette of Mickey. You may find yourself driving by the panels, however it is difficult to see the shape of the Mickey from the ground.

If you’ve taken a Disney cruise, visited Aulani (Disney’s Hawaiian resort), Disney’s Vero Beach Resort, taken an Adventure by Disney, or even traded pins with cast members, then you may have come across other Hidden Mickeys. They can be found in any location that is part of the Walt Disney Company, just be sure to keep a lookout for the same criteria as you would in the parks.

Looking for Hidden Mickeys?

gift shop hidden mickey

Image: Disney

If you’re looking for Hidden Mickeys during your next visit to a Disney theme park, keep your eyes peeled. Although no official list is kept, there are some unofficial books out there than can help guide you if you need it. The Walt Disney Company estimates that there are thousands of Hidden Mickeys out there just waiting to be found!

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