Most Walt Disney World visitors are great. They just want to have a good time, build some family memories, and escape into a fantasy world where real-life concerns don’t matter. We know when you’re having fun, a bit of common sense goes out the window, and that’s fine. Most cast members get a kick out of watching you enjoy yourself, even if you’re acting a little ridiculous. But some people take a Disney vacation as an excuse for truly bad behavior. Here are 6 things cast members wish you would never do again (based on my personal experience of working at the resort).

1. Talk through an attraction

Please don't talk over us

Have you ever tried to give a presentation to a room full of people who seem like they would rather be anyplace else? No matter what you did, you just couldn’t seem to get their attention. Even worse, did you make eye contact with someone in the back who clearly was trying to listen, but simply couldn’t hear you over the general din?

That’s what it’s like for an attractions spieler when you talk through the ride or show. There are always a few people paying attention, and we want to do a good job for them, but it’s hard to keep the momentum going when people are chattering loudly about something unrelated. Please show a little common courtesy to your host and your fellow guests, and curb the conversation for the few minutes you’re on the attraction.

2. Lose your basic counting ability

She just wants to know how many people you have

“How many in your party?” “Ummm….2 up there and 3, no, 4 back here? I don’t know, it’s all of us.” All of who? And how have you possibly made it to 4 in the afternoon without figuring out how many people are with you? You’ve been asked the same question all day long.

When a cast member asks you how many in your party, she’s not trying to be nosy, nor is she just making idle conversation. Each ride vehicle has a particular number of seats, divided into a specific number of rows. We need to know how many people are in your group so that we can seat you together, broken up by row as necessary. If you tell us the wrong number, it will mess up not only your seating but that of everyone around you.

3. Encourage your kids to break the rules

Water rides are havens for rule breakers

For some reason, some parents think the rules not only don’t apply to their kids, but are there to be actively broken. “Go ahead and juggle those glass snow globes. It’s Disney. If you break them, we don’t have to pay.” “We’re not getting out of line for the restroom. Go pee in the corner over there.” Or my personal favorite, “You’re a little bit short for Space Mountain. Wear this big hat and stand on your tiptoes at the height checker.”

It always makes me wonder if these are the same parents I saw at the Grand Canyon, encouraging their kids to back right up to a sheer dropoff to get a better photo. Parents, the rules aren’t there because we want to be mean to your kids. Please follow them and ensure that your kids do the same. We’ll all have a better day as a result.


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