Downtown Disney's Colossal Desserts

There’s nothing quite like the delightful decadence of chocolate, and like so many other elements of enjoyment, Walt Disney World has an assortment of options toward this guilty pleasure. As vacation time rolls around, it’s practically mandatory to toss dieting plans aside, and when indulgence is the goal, the parks and resorts have you covered. The vast array of sweet treats are sure to please even the most gluttonous of chocoholics.

1. France pavillion - Epcot 

Chocolate in France

Pastries and ice cream and crepes - oh my! There’s no shortage of chocolate-infused options within Epcot’s France Pavilion. The crepes are the handiest choice to grab-and-go from an outdoor cart on the bordering edge of the pavilion. Ice cream, strawberries, and of course, chocolate are the toppings du jour. If you have the time to venture a bit further into France, consider Les Halles Boulangerie and Patisserie or L’Artisan des Glaces. The focus is on ice cream at L’Artisan des Glaces, and the star of the show is undoubtedly the Chocolate Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich. Naturally, no visit to France would be complete without pastries, and this is the specialty at Les Halles Boulangerie and Patisserie. where chocolate dominates the dessert menu. Among the crave-worthy choices are eclairs, mousse cakes, and the famed Pain au Chocolat (chocolate croissant).

2. Karamell Kuche - Epcot

Chocolate in Germany

France isn’t the only Epcot representative chocolate specialist! Germany’s Karamell-Kuche is a sweet retreat with a unique twist. Chocolate paired with caramel is a game-changer, indeed! The offerings are known to change semi-regularly at Karamell-Kuche (which is German for Caramel Kitchen, by the way), but every menu item includes some degree of genuine Werther’s caramel among its ingredients. It hardly matters if the caramel comes as a drizzle or a filling - blend Werther’s famous caramel with chocolate and you’re certain to please your taste buds. They don’t stop with simple cookies and cupcakes, either! Karamell-Kuche’s outrageous choco-mel combo delights may include pretzels, marshmallows, dipped strawberries, apples, pineapples, brownies, and crisped rice treats. Talk about a double doozy! Is there anything they can’t make more desirable with this brilliantly yummy combination?

3. Ghirardelli - Downtown Disney

Ghirardelli Chocolate

Outside of the parks, another famously delicious name provides the cure for a persistent sweet tooth. The menu at Downtown Disney’s Ghirardelli Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop reads like a guide to blissful temptation, with ice cream treats receiving top-billing. It’s not all chocolate, but when Ghirardelli is the name, chocolate is most certainly the game! Brownies, cookies, and dipped strawberries round out the options. If you’re desperately seeking the ultimate in chocolate revelry, Decadent Drinking Chocolate will not disappoint. The chocolate shop offers an exceptional lineup of Ghirardelli’s signature chocolate squares, if you’d prefer to keep a snackable stash at the ready. Chocolate really does come in every size, shape, and form here - have a little in the form of a topping, or go whole-hog with chocolate ice cream, chocolate brownies or cookies, chocolate chips, and chocolate chips. So much more than whipped cream, nuts, and a cherry at Ghirardelli. If you visit with a few friends or family members (or if you have a second - or third - stomach), try your luck with the Earthquake - eight scoops of ice cream, eight toppings, bananas, whipped cream, almonds, chocolate chips, and cherries.


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