Celebrating a special event at Walt Disney World is guaranteed to make your birthday, anniversary, or other notable occasion more magical. While you’re sure to have plenty of special plans of your own for the day, you can also add a bit more excitement by getting Cast Members involved in the event. Knowing who to talk to and how to go about it can help you sprinkle just a touch more pixie dust on your big day.

1. Front desk agents at your hotel

Image: Disney

When you check in to your hotel, the front desk agent will probably ask if you’re celebrating any special events during your stay. If they don’t, this is a good person to bring it up to. The front desk typically has buttons on hand that you can wear throughout your stay to let everyone know what you’re celebrating. You want to get these buttons as soon as you can because they’re the ticket to a lot of the magic that you’ll experience in the park.

2. Concierge at your hotel

Image: Disney

After you’re all checked in, head to the concierge desk. Your hotel concierge can typically send signed cards from popular characters to the room. However, the best way to find out about special extras like this is simply to say, “We’re celebrating (insert special event here) while we’re here. Do you have any suggestions for how we can make our stay more magical?” This approach will almost always get you a better response than “We need you to send a card to our room.” Not only is it more polite, it gives the Cast Member a chance to offer you any number of magical moments that you may not have thought of.

Not all magic is free so be prepared for some offers of extras that you can pay to add on to your vacation. There are several packages that you can order to your room for special events ranging from balloons or flowers to personalized cakes. If you’re not up for spending any more money, simply decline politely and mention that you’re on a budget and looking for free activities that will make your vacation more memorable.

3. Guest Relations in the park

Begin each morning of your Walt Disney World stay with a stop by guest relations if you’re celebrating a special event. If you don’t have a button already (or you lost yours and need a new one), Guest Relations is the best place to go. However, Guest Relations is worth a stop even if you have a button. Again, the best way to approach these Cast Members is to say “We’re celebrating (our event) today. Do you have any suggestions for how we can make it more magical?”

Guest Relations organizes a number of special experiences, from choosing families to participate in parades to managing special seating and priority entrance for attractions. There’s no way to know what will be available on a given day, so rather than asking for something in particular, this approach lets the Cast Member see what’s available and offer anything they can come up with.

Keep in mind that there are many other guests in the park who are celebrating special events as well, so you may not always get what you were hoping for. Depending on how busy the park is and how early you get to Guest Relations, you may find that there’s simply not much left. If this is the case, consider some fun things you can ask about that don’t come in limited quantities. For example, if your daughter has a favorite princess, Guest Relations can tell you when and where she will be available for meet and greets throughout all the parks so you can be sure you’re in line to see her.



Yay! #1 and the Grand Californian!! Happy New Year! =o) Cheers to magical moments, memories and many more lands, attractions and expansions in 2015! Especially with D23 Expo, Shanghai Disney, Star Wars, Marvel and Pixar.

when my daughter and her new husband had their Honeymoon at Walt Disney World, they got in line for the Aladdin ride. The cast member noticed their button and lo and behold who should hop on the flying carpet with them but Aladdin and Jasmine! The Photopass photographers took beautiful pictures of them flying off into a WHOLE NEW WORLD!!

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