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Working for Walt Disney World comes with some obvious perks, like free admission to the parks and discounts around property, but Cast Members also enjoy access to many other exclusive little extras that make working for the mouse better than your average theme park job.

Here are 10 examples of great perks that Cast Members can benefit from!

10. Mickey’s Retreat

Image: Disney

Mickey’s Retreat is an exclusive area accessible only to Cast Members and their families. This serene little hideaway features a pool, beach, rec room, volleyball courts, hammocks, and lots of room to relax. Cast Members who want to enjoy these types of amenities far from the chaos of tourist spots in the Orlando area, can kick back and enjoy relative peace and quiet here.

9. Discounts, Discounts, and More Discounts

Image: Disney

Most people probably know that Cast Members get discounts on Disney hotel rooms, tickets for family and friends, merchandise, and dining on property, but the perks don’t end there. Savvy Cast Members keep their ID on hand at all times and flash it at just about every register in town at least once to see what happens. Many restaurants, stores, and non-Disney hotels offer special discounts. Cast Members can enjoy everything from a pizza buffet to bookstore finds at cheaper prices than the regular resident or visitor.

8. Company D

Image: Disney

At first glance, a Company D store looks like any other cute little gift shop. On closer examination, you’ll find that these backstage stores are brimming with exclusive Cast Member goodies. The merchandise here often features “Cast Member” or “Disney College Program Alumni” tag lines. Other items, like pins and home décor, are Cast Member exclusives that you just can’t buy anywhere else.

Company D stores also sell tickets to local attractions from theme parks to sporting events at special discounts. Heading to the movies? Cast Members can grab AMC ticket packages here that include low priced tickets along with popcorn and beverage coupons. If these perks weren’t good enough, these locations also offer notary services and sell stamps. There are Company D stores all over property, with at least one located in close proximity to every park.

7. Disney Libraries

Image: Disney

Disney has some fantastic libraries that feature all your favorite Disney films as well as documentaries, rare cartoons, and all the Disney literature you could dream of. Cast Members can check items out just like you would at any other library. While the Orange County Public Library system has more Disney rarities than most public systems, it’s these backstage wonders that really let Cast Members get in touch with their Disney heritage.

6. Cast Services

Cast Services centers are available throughout property to help Cast Members deal with any and all questions or issues related to their employment. These centers also offer free printing and faxing services, and access to their computer labs. This can save busy Cast Members from a visit to their local office store if they need to send a fax, and help them survive without replacing their printers’ pricey ink cartridges almost indefinitely.



I was employed by WDW in the 80's. I quit because my manager not only did not use me in the capacity I was hired in but would make me come in early and leave late. The final straw was when she erased one days timeclock enties and I didnt get paid for that day I worked. After all, acording to disney records I was off that day. Ive tried to get back in since. I love Disney.

Mickey's of Glendale is not in Disneyland. It's in... Glendale. At the WDI campus. Any current TWDC employee, with a blue ID (non-contracted) can enter the WDI campus and make their way to MoG.

Is there a place that provides homes for cast members while working for Disney?

My granddaughter's wish is to work for DisneyWorld after college in any field, but her training is in Cosmotology/Make up Artist. She has been told by many cast members that she has the Disney personality and looks.

In reply to by Linda Smith (not verified)

Disney has a cosmetology department. Also there is a barber shop on Main Street in the MK. So your grand daughter has several opportunities with her skills.

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