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Working as a Cast Member helps you hone some unusual skills you might not get anywhere else.

Every Disney Cast Member learns the basics of doing the Disney point, navigating the parks, and interacting with guests during their training. However, there are many other skills that Cast Members tend to pick up on the job. Things you might not consider to be terribly useful in everyday life often turn out to be very handy when you’re dealing with thousands of theme park guests on a daily basis. Here are some of the stranger things that Cast Members often learn to do.

9. Sense Nausea from Great Distances

Cast Members who work on rides with a motion sickness warning tend to hone this skill particularly well, but the ever-present heat and humidity in Florida can make guests green at the gills just about anywhere. After a few months on the job, Cast Members learn to spot that glassy-eyed look even from a distance. You always hope you can get to the guest before he has a hand over his mouth, so there’s at least a chance of getting him to a bathroom in time.

8. Judge Children’s Heights at a Glance

Any Cast Member who has worked at an attraction with a height restriction is sure to have a special talent for identifying children who fall under that height. Cast Members typically figure out where the height restriction falls on their own body. That way you know any child who comes past your waist is good to go, while those who are mid-thigh definitely need to be measured. This skill is handy on the job, but awkward when you unconsciously eye up the kids in line with you when you’re riding attractions in your off time.

7. Determine Nationality in Under a Minute

Cast Members get to meet guests from all over the world. After you’ve had some experience chatting up international visitors, you’ll notice some commonalities in dress and mannerisms. This skill has nothing to do with determining someone’s heritage, so skin color and facial features don’t really apply. However, you can usually tell from someone’s choice of clothing or footwear where they’re from. If you can’t guess before talking to them, you’re sure to figure it out after you’ve heard their accent. Non-English speakers also seem to know certain English words that change depending on where they’re from.

6. Figure the Time Based on the Sound of Fireworks in the Distance

Walt Disney World has at least three fireworks shows every night of the year. In certain spots on property, you can even hear more than one. Cast Members can often ditch the watch in the evenings and determine the time by figuring that the wind is carrying the sound of Illuminations over from Epcot, so it must be nine. Unfortunately there aren’t many practical applications for this, so you just look a little strange cocking your head to one side and mumbling “ah, nine o’clock.”



This list made me smile! I am not, and never have been, a cast member… But I can certainly tell time in the evening by the fireworks show, and which direction it's coming from. Having stayed in Fort Wilderness most every year for the last 15 helps to make one in tune with the show schedule.

I'm a retired cm and worked merch. What I recognize is the lack of courtesy on the outside. Checking out your purchases and the cashier talking to someone else the whole time without acknowledging you. That doesn't happen at wow

Ha! This list is so on point and awesome. You forgot "Helpful Keyword Eavesdropping" - when your ears immediately perk up and you can hear a "Where is...? What is...? How do we...?" question from ten feet away and can answer it for the guest. :P I worked at a Tip Board (the park's map and information hub for those who don't know) so I got super used to giving directions on the fly even when they didn't necessarily come over to ask. Some people think they're interrupting or bothering me and won't! Dude! That's my WHOLE JOB -- stand here and answer your questions! XD (Unless I'm talking to another guest at the moment in which case wait your dang turn.)

Ha - apparently all ex cast members.! Bitter, angry.ex cast members!!
Up until 5 yrs ago. Disney had the best customer service cast members. Many are friendly outgoing and have learned the Disney culture and deliver it daily.
Of late, it must be the group commenting negatively!!!
And yes ,although I don't work for Disney. I understand good Customer service . I deliver it daily.!!!

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Did you ever think that maybe the reason you had a bad experience with cast members was because you were the guest that's a pain in their ass and nothing but rude? Because trust me, we get those all the time and once you've tried being nice to an asshole and they're STILL an asshole, hey it's fair game at that point.

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