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UPDATE February 22 - These are certainly extremely exciting times for Universal fans as work continues on construction on Universal Epic Universal. 

In the new construction updates video posted to YouTube by Theme Park Stop we get to see the latest developments at the highly anticipated Universal Epic Universe.

Here are the highlights from each of the four main lands:

Dark Universe - gravestones have been added along the pathway and pipes have been put into place for the proposed fog effects for the land. Theming details are being added including paint, aging of the walls, ornate elements to the tops of buildings and lots more trees. The Curse of the Werewolf rollercoaster continues to test and although we can see the cars they remain covered so we can not see their final colors.

Wizarding World Ministry of Magic - new painted details including plant pattern graphics and filigree style decorative elements are being added to the Parisian facades as we see more and more scaffolding being removed.

Super Nintendo World - waterproofing is taking place on Peach's Castle and ice capped walls have been added. Huge progress has been made on Mount Beanpole where blocks, coins and a swamp can now be seen as well as clouds and the Mario flag at the top. Colorful theming elements continue to be added to the Temple wall in the Donkey Kong area.

The Yoshi Ride continues to test with weighted dummies and the colorful ride vehicles can be seen beneath their protective plastic.

How To Train Your Dragon Isle of Burke - sheep have been added as theming nearby the rollercoaster including one dragon sheep as first seen in the third How To Train Your Dragon film. Extensive landscaping has taken place at the back of the land including rows of trees as well as mulch and grass.

Prep work is taking place for the kids interactive play areas and shields have now been added to the two Viking ships.

Universal is teasing that in the coming months they will release further details and art of the inside offerings for each of the lands inside Universal Epic Universe. Construction will continue to ramp up as extensive theming is added and we see testing on all the attractions being done. We will continue to update you with developments as they occur.

Which lands and attractions are you most excited about when Universal Epic Universe opens in 2025? Let us know your thoughts by leaving us a comment below or on our Facebook page.

February 17 - In a recent video posted to YouTube by Mickey Views we get to see the latest updates in February. The aerial views coupled with the new concept art which were recently released really shows us how this theme park is coming to life.

In the video which is embedded above we get to see the newly completed Mount Beanpole at Super Nintendo World. Work continues at the Curse of the Werewolf coaster is now at its testing stage. Scaffolding is down at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Ministry of Magic giving us clear views of the completed facades along the streets of 1920's Wizarding Paris.

We see more colorful theming and rockwork added to How to Train Your Dragon: Isle of Berk with testing happening on the How to Train Your Dragon ride.

The Universal Grand Helios in-park hotel at Epic Universe has seen extensive theming progress. Metallic tiles are in place on both the Stella Nova and Terra Nova hotels and the video includes new renderings of the pool area at the Stella Nova resort.

Both hotels are now open for bookings on the Universal website with information on room types and rates available. It has been confirmed that the Universal Stella Nova Resort will officially open on January 21, 2025 and the Universal Tera Luna Resort will officially open on February 25, 2025.

Universal Epic Universe, Universal

February 5 - In an exciting update, we can see that the "Curse of the Werewolf" spinning roller coaster which will be located in The Dark Universe is now testing at Universal Epic Universe.

In the video which was posted to TikTok and YouTube by @orlandothemeparkzone we can see that each train will be made up of five cars each holding four riders and look to be white and black in color. The roller coaster is set to feature multiple launches and spinning cars.

We will continue to follow construction progress on Universal Epic Universe over the following weeks and months as we head closer towards the official opening in 2025.

What are you most excited about in Universal Epic Universe? Let us know your thoughts by leaving us a comment below or on our Facebook page.

January 31, 2024 - This is a momentous day for all theme park fans. Universal Orlando Resort has just released a video and posted it to YouTube showing us a whole host of new concept art for the upcoming Universal Epic Universe which is coming to the Universal Orlando Resort in 2025.

In the video which is embedded below, you get to see the detailed models of Universal Epic Universe as well as a host of new concept art which really brings each land to life. As expected, Universal has confirmed there will be five incredibly themed worlds with a total of fifty unique compelling experiences.

Guests will enter Universal Epic Universe under the Chronos which is the first portal where all the planets align and you begin your journey into Celestial Park. Celestial Park is confirmed to have beautiful landscaping, water features and dining experiences as well as three attractions; Constellation Carousel, Astronomica where you can play with dancing fountains and the headlining dual-launch coaster, Starfall Racers.

We also get to see new concept art of the 500-room onsite hotel, Universal Helios Grand Hotel in all its glory.

The five lands are now officially confirmed as: 

  • Celestial Park
  • How To Train Your Dragon Isle Of Berk
  • Dark Universe
  • The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Ministry Of Magic: Experience moments from 1920s Paris from Fantastic Beasts and the British Ministry Of Magic
  • Super Nintendo World: Get to step into the world of Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Donkey Kong

With the opening of Universal Epic Universe, Universal are definitely trying to tap into the Disney theme park market, advertising Universal Orlando Resort as a week-long destination.

December 15, 2023 - Construction progress continues at a rapid rate at Epic Universe and thanks to a photo update from Bioreconstruct and a new video update from Theme Park Stop which is embedded below we can see the work which has been done on each of the lands at Epic Universe. 

Firstly, work is happening on the cascading waterfalls which will greet guests as they enter through gates of Epic Universe in the central section expected to be Celestial Park. At timestamp 2:08 we get to see images from new permits which show the ride vehicles for the carousel. A ram, a rabbit, a horse and a gondola vehicle seem to be apparent. Nozzles for the splash pad area outside of the carousel have been installed with a new trademarked name "Astronomica" expected to be the name for this area.

Further work continues on STARFALL Racers, the dual track roller coaster in the central hub where the comet surrounded by celestial rings has seen the front section being enclosed. What looks like a safety wall is being installed on one of the near miss moments.

In the Dark Universe land, spinning roller coaster cars for the Curse of the Werewolf roller coaster are covered and are currently waiting to be installed on the ride.

In How To Train Your Dragon Isle of Berk, the portal plate is being installed. In a very exciting development, at timestamp 7:45 you can see the first footage of one of the two Skyfly rides being tested.

In Super Nintendo World all of the ride vehicles for Yoshi's Adventure have now been installed. New details have been recently released for Mine Cart Madness roller coaster with the first version of this attraction set to debut at Universal Studios Japan in spring 2024. Guest will be blasted out of barrel canon and zoom through the jungle in order to protect the golden banana. It is expected to include a range of interactive experiences using powerup bands.

With Universal fans already waiting to hear news of possible expansion plans for Epic Universe, the latesr rumor is that the Wizarding World may be the first to receive a phase 2 expansion. It is expected that Universal will offer a Great Hall dinner experience at the right back side of land. This new offering which is rumored to open in summer 2026 would use just a small section of the potential expansion space in this area.

In this rumored new experience, guests would be diners and eat within the Great Hall. Special effects would be included to enhance the storytelling of this experience. We await further details on this new rumored expansion experience and will update you when further details are announced.

At the end of the video timestamp 15:34 footage can be seen of the Epic Universe hotels. We will continue to update you on further developments regarding the construction progress of Epic Universe over the coming weeks and months.



I’m not sure if it’s too late to reconsider but for Universal’s Epic Universe in the DreamWorks area could you go back to the other option and make it look more like Fantasyland at Disney. This way it would be better because it should have more than one land from previous DreamWorks animated franchises. For Instance you should leave room too great a Madagascar land and make it just like the one in Singapore which sadly is being changed to Minions land and that’s stupid because Despicable Me is pretty common cat every Universal Studios around the world. However, Madagascar land isn’t common that land was pretty unique and while your at also make room for a Kung Fu Panda land even though there’s one at the Universal Studios in Beijing it would still be a good idea because that land will be pretty much unique also if it gets changed in the future. My point being is if you’re going to have a DreamWorks themed land don’t just let it be How to Train Your Dragon there add these two lands too it as well. If you can’t reconsider then just add these two lands separately too the park.

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