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With news this week of the 5 updates coming to Walt Disney World in 2024 we wanted to explore a little further what this could mean for Genie+.

Now, so far the only information we have be given regarding the update announced for Genie+ is that Disney is "working on ways to help guests plan with Disney Genie+ service and individual Lightning Lane selections before their visit so they can spend more time with their friends and family in the park."

Genie+, Disney
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It has been a complaint from a high percentage of guests that a lot of their time when on vacation to Walt Disney World is spent on their phones trying to secure Genie+ or Lightning Lane selections which is frustrating and diminishes from their experience.  

So, I am sure many of you are thinking the same as me, does this mean Genie+ will essentially become PAID FastPass+? 

FastPass+ was introduced in 2014 and remained in place until the paid Genie+ system was put in place in October 2020. It enabled guests to book 3 FastPass reservations for each day of their visit, somewhere between 30 - 60 days prior to their visit. Although some complained that it took away the spontaneity of your vacation and planning was needed it meant that your days in the parks were relatively stress free with your Fastpasses already reserved. 

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Let's be honest we are never going to go back to FastPass being free but a system meaning you could book your selections in advance would certainly be a positive for many. 

We assume a similar system would be in place where by attractions would be put into tiers. The top attractions would of course still only be available through Lightning Lane. 

Genie+ is available to guests who are not staying at the Walt Disney World Resorts and we wonder whether Disney will use the opportunity just as they did with FastPass+ to reward those who choose to stay on property by allowing them to book their Genie+ selections earlier than those who are not staying on property? The 60 day in advance for Resort guests and 30 days for non-Resort guests would essentially work just like it did for FastPass+.

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We investigated the history of Fastpass in our recent featured article, VOTE: It’s Been 10 Years Since Paper FastPass Left Disney World. Do You Want It Back? Or Should Genie+ Stay? In our poll where we asked which of the systems do you think should become the permanent priority boarding process at Disney Parks? Here are the results:

A) Paper FastPass - 55%
B) FastPass+ - 30%
C) Genie+/Lightning Lanes - 4%
D) Stand-by only - 11%

With 30% voting FastPass+ as their preferred system, it certainly seems to make sense for Disney to try to combine some of the positives of the FastPass+ system with Genie+ to give guests a better experience than is currently on offer. The option therefore for guests to be able to purchase and plan Genie+ ahead of their visit will surely be a positive one for a lot of Disney guests.

Image: Disney

Would you like to see Genie+ essentially become a paid version of FastPass+? Let us know your thoughts by voting in our poll or by leaving us a comment below or on our Facebook page.

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