Peppermint Macaron

Holiday celebrations are in full swing all around Walt Disney World, and with all the seasonal celebrations some new food items have also made appearances at several of the parks.

Some of these new items are permanent menu changes, but some are only going to last through the end of the season, so if you want to try all of these new bites, you’ll have to head out to the park soon!

1. Artisan-style Macaroni and Cheeses – Min & Bill’s Dockside Diner 

Min & Bill’s Dockside Diner debuted two new artisan-style Macaroni & cheese dishes this month, the first of which is a spicy Buffalo-style chicken macaroni and cheese. Though the cheese sauce has quite a bit of kick to it, blue cheese crumbles help mellow the spicy flavor out. Thick cuts of chicken also make this a very hearty option that will fill guests up. Though $10 seems like a lot for macaroni and cheese, the generous portion size makes up for the high price tag, and the chicken and blue cheese help make this a very filling option.


If your tastes are less inclined to go for a spicy option, the barbequed pulled pork option is another tasty twist on macaroni and cheese. The barbeque sauce is very sweet and not too savory, and the macaroni and cheese is garnished with crispy french-fried onions that give this dish a little bit of textural variety.  The pulled pork is also piled on fairly generously, making this another filling option. For my money, this is the better of the two new offerings, especially as the barbeque flavor seems to pair a little better with the rich cheese sauce than the buffalo sauce, but both are great options if you want a warm (and portable) meal option the next time you are at Disney's Hollywood Studios. 

2. Peppermint Macaron - L’Artisan des Glaces 

Though L’Artisan des Glazes brought back its seasonal gingerbread ice cream for a second year in 2014, it also debuted a brand new treat to celebrate the season: peppermint macarons! These delicious treats feature smooth, peppermint ice cream sandwiched between two soft and chewy macarons.  Though you can find crème-filled macarons around Walt Disney World, these ice cream treats are definitely the tastiest version of this treat, and will only be around for the holiday season. 


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