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On August 13, 2014, after a weak earnings call, shares of SeaWorld stock plunged 33% to levels below its opening price when it went public in 2012. The news coming out of 2013’s attendance report wasn’t good, and it looks like 2014 has not been kind to the Sea World family of parks either. 

Here are four things to know about the current state of SeaWorld, and what these facts might mean for SeaWorld moving forward.

1. Attendance is not growing


SeaWorld reported that attendance so far in 2014 is down 4.3% and second quarter growth is only 0.3% above last year. That second quarter growth is especially troubling, as many had hoped that SeaWorld Orlando would see substantial growth, due to new attractions at Universal and Disney drawing visitors to the area.  Analysts had hoped that SeaWorld would benefit from a “rising tides lift all boats” effect, but with growth essentially stagnant from the second quarter last year (and down overall), it looks like SeaWorld wasn’t able to take advantage of the extra visitors to the area.

Though SeaWorld Orlando debuted a new attraction last year (Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin), if it wants to get visitors back into its parks, it’s going to have to create a compelling reason for them to get to the parks, which means more substantial investment for new attractions. 

2. Revenue is down


However, investment in new attractions requires capital, and unfortunately, revenue is down at SeaWorld parks in a big way. For the year, SeaWorld is forecasting overall revenue to be down between 6-7%. 

This downward trend is certainly troubling, and the opposite of what investors were hoping for. Unfortunately, the low revenue forecasts contributed largely to the stock plunge SeaWorld experienced earlier, as doubts are beginning to surface about the prognosis for SeaWorld as a brand.   



I love Sea World. I hate that the stupid movie came out and people are boycotting Sea World. I mean.. do you REALLY need a contract saying a KILLER whale may hurt you?? They're not called cuddley whales. I support Sea World.

In reply to by Melissa Reneè … (not verified)

The point is that killer whales should never be in those tiny pools in the first place. Capable of travelling 100 miles a day but limited to a couple shows a day, what a life. Watch the 'stupid movie' you're on about and it will hopefully shed a light on what these animals go through and why seaworld should have no ones support on this matter...

In reply to by Melissa Reneè … (not verified)

I have been back stage at Sea world all the animals seem fine no harm from thier contaiment at all. Everything is positive reinforcement. I think Blackfish just wanted to twist things around to make a profit. I support Sea World!!!

I've always enjoyed SeaWorld, but they have priced themselves out of my market. Went to Orlando this Spring and spent all my time at Disney. As a Florida resident, I could spend 3 days at Disney for the price of 1 at Sea World.

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