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Disney's latest animated movie, Frozen, has proven to be a huge success at the box office - and rumors are swirling that attractions based on the film are on their to way to Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

Frozen, of course, already has a presence at both resorts. Lead characters Anna and Elsa have been meeting-and-greeting guests at a snow-capped spot in Disneyland's Fantasyland since October, and have also been putting in appearances at Epcot's Norway Pavilion. The movie also featured heavily in the World of Color - Winter Dreams nighttime show at Disney California Adventure.


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Given the movie's success, it was inevitable that rumors would soon start to swirl about actual rides and shows based on Frozen. So far, Disney's Imagineers are said to be working on at least three concepts - and possibly more. Here's a round-up of what might be in store!

1. Frozen boat ride (Epcot)


Could Maelstrom be set for a Frozen makeover?Image: Stuart Newsom, Flickr

Earlier this month, Screamscape reported that "WDI has been given the initial nod to do a little Blue Sky dreaming to determine just how they could transform the Maelstrom ride in the Norway Pavilion into a new Frozen themed attraction concept."

Long-time Disney commentator Jim Hill later chimed in on the Touring Plans podcast, saying: "They're already looking at 2014/2015 and where does that fit into our holiday plans. Those of you who love the Maelstrom might want to go visit it...Disney's not going to make the mistake they made with The Little Mermaid again. They're not going to wait 20 years to get a ride...there will be something in the next 18 months."

Maelstrom is one of few rides in the World Showcase area of Epcot. This forward/backward flume ride sets guests in Norse viking ships on a cruise through a troll-inhabited swamp, past Nordic polar bears, and into the oil refinement industry of present-day Norway before culminating in a short film on the region's contributions to technology.

Frozen is a great fit with the Norway Pavilion, given that Norway was the inspiration for the movie itself. And take a look at these two images - the first of the Norway Pavilion, the second of the kingdom of Arendelle from Frozen:

Norway Pavilion
Image © Disney

Frozen castle

Image © Disney

Reusing the Maelstrom ride system and Norway building would save a huge amount of money in the development of the attraction - so we consider this one to be pretty likely to go ahead - even if Disney's recent track record suggests that an opening date within 18 months is optimistic.

2. Frozen dark ride (Epcot and Disneyland)

Hill went on to say: "Supposedly there's something larger in the works for Disneyland but that's in line behind the Marvel and the Star Wars stuff." Screamscape also suggests that Imagineering may also be handed a larger budget at Epcot, enabling them to strip out Maelstrom entirely and replace it with a trackless dark ride similar to the soon-to-open Ratatouille: L'Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy at Walt Disney Studios, Paris.

Frozen snow monster

Image © Disney

The rumors suggest that the ride would be themed as a sleigh ride across a frozen, wilderness landscape. That could mean scenes involving Elsa transforming objects into ice, as well as an enormous animatronic snow monster.

3. Frozen musical show (Disneyland)

Back in December, Inside the Magic reported on another ongoing, Frozen-related project for Disneyland. In this case, it's a musical show, which could replace the long-running Disney's Aladdin - A Musical Spectacular.

Disney's Aladdin - A Musical Spectacular

Aladdin has been given a stay of execution once before, when Disney pulled plans to replace it with a musical based on Toy Story in 2011. The latest rumored replacement won't open until 2015, if the report is to be believed.

Would you like to see a Frozen attraction at Disney's parks?

Are you keen on a Frozen ride or show...and which of the three concepts above are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments!

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I think that Maelstrom has run its course at Epcot and that it should be replaced. I hope that there is a budget for a trackless ride system as this would be a good fit, story-wise, and WDW has not yet made use of the trackless technology. Simply reskinning Maelstrom isn't going to make anybody very happy.

A ride is the way to go.... NOT I repeat NOT a show!
that would be a waste of a perfectly good movie!
Their are to many adventures things that they could do with a dark ride in Epcot or just rethemeing the Maelstrom.

I for one would love to see a Frozen ride in Disney's Epcot in the Norway pavilion, but this will lead to a few problems.
first, the beloved flume ride "The Maelstrom" will probably be replaced (it needs to be remodeled anyway)

Second, This would also be the first ride in Epcot to involve princesses (two actually)... usually the princes and princesses stay in the Magic kingdom. That is not entirely bad because the imaginers have just finished New Fantasy Land.

Third, it would effect the whole world showcase thing that the Norway pavilion is right in the middle of.

There is other possibilities though, as I said it would do very well in the new fantasy land and it would probably be a nice ride to go on on those scorching hot summer days in Florida and California if they decide to do something there.

They could even add another castle like they did with the beauty and the beast restaurant and add a castle backdrop but with Elsa's Ice palace and the castle of Arendel as the entrance of the attraction.

Either way the suspense is "Chill"-ing me

I wholeheartedly love the idea of modifying Maelstrom. Frozen pays great tribute to that country. Also, Maelstrom is the worst ride I ever been on between Disney World and Disneyland. The quality of the ride pales in comparison to any other ride. If a Frozen attraction could send a much needed budget in its direction then let it be done! : )

I agree that Maelstrom should remain geared toward the cultural experience of Epcot's World Showcase. However, how about a "Frozen" theme for part of the year. Fall/Christmas...or in the middle of summer when Elsa actually freezes Arendelle (Say; Jun-Aug). Just to mix things up a bit!

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