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In this week's poll, we ask whether Alton Towers has finally topped the legendary Nemesis with its new roller coaster, The Smiler.

Since opening in 1994, Alton Towers' Nemesis has consistently been ranked as being among the best steel roller coasters in the world. Its unique setting in an enormous pit excavated so that it didn't rise above the tree line and break planning regulations, plus its thrill-packed circuit, have firmly established the Bolliger & Mabillard inverted coaster as a classic. Nearly 20 years after its debut, Nemesis stills draws huge crowds - and TPT readers have consistently given the ride five star ratings.

Now, though, Nemesis has a real challenger for the crown of "best ride at Alton Towers". The Smiler has received rave reviews since its opening day in May. Packing in an incredible fourteen inversions, the coaster only allows riders to catch their breath during its mid-course vertical lift hill. It also features a fun, quirky theme based around the Ministry of Joy, which wants to turn every rider into a "smiling advocate". Judging by the broad grins of guests streaming out of the ride's exit, it is succeeding.

The Smiler and Nemesis are two very different rides, although they share one common element - their circuits were designed by John Wardley. But which is the better coaster? Do you still rate Nemesis as number one, or has The Smiler toppled it from its perch?

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Are you an advocate for The Smiler, or does Nemesis still offer a better experience?

Which is the better roller coaster?

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Personally, I just feel as though Nemesis is more re-rideable. The Smiler is a very strong addition to the park's line up, of course.

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