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Confirmed: Mr Freeze Reverse Blast to open at Six Flags Over Texas on May 12, 2012

Mr Freeze Reverse Blast concept art

Six Flags Over Texas has confirmed that the updated Mr Freeze Reverse Blast roller coaster will reopen at the park on May 12, 2012.

Mr Freeze Reverse Blast is a revamped version of the existing Mr Freeze roller coaster, with the direction of the rides' trains having been reversed. The attraction will reopen at noon, with a special concert by 1980s rap superstar Vanilla Ice being held to commemorate the occasion.

The coaster will launch riders from 0 to 70 miles per hour in a backwards direction, traversing a series of inversions and turns before returning to the station in the opposite direction. An near-identical version of the ride will reopen at Six Flags St Louis on a yet-to-be-confirmed date in 2012.

Both versions of Mr Freeze were manufacture by Premier Rides, and are mirror images of each other. Following the initial launch, the coasters' trains race through a 190-feet tunnel before climbing a 150-feet-tall top hat inversion. After travelling around an overbanked turn, the trains climbs up a vertical spike, before plummeting back around the remainder of the course in reverse.

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