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Become a data collector for Theme Park Tourist!

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Theme Park Tourist is aiming to improve its selection of details of parks all over the world, and we are looking for a theme park fan (or fans) to help us collect the required data. Although the information to be captured is fairly generic, a basic understanding of the different types and categories of theme park ride (e.g. rollercoaster, dark ride, flat ride) is required.

There will two major parts to the assignment:
1. Identifying a full list of the rides and restaurants at each theme park.
2. Populating some basic information about each ride/restaurant.

Information will be captured in an Excel spreadsheet, and will cover categories including:

  • Attraction/restaurant name
  • Attraction/restaurant type
  • Attraction height (for some ride types)
  • Attraction length (for some ride types)
  • Manufacturer (e.g. Vekoma)
  • Model (e.g. Inverted Boomerang Rollercoaster)
  • Opening date

The initial assignment will cover 10 theme parks in the UK. There will be follow-up assignments to populate the remainder of the database (60+ parks) if the first proves successful.

The pay for the assignment will be $15 per completed park.

Interested? Contact us via e-mail at jobs-at-themeparktourist-dot-com, or via this form.

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