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Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit delayed at Universal Studios Florida

Image © 2009 Universal Orlando Resort. All Rights Reserved.

Universal Studios Orlando has announced that the highly anticipated Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit will not open in Spring as planned, but will now open this summer.

No new opening date has been confirmed for the rollercoaster but the "summer" timeframe suggests that it is likely to be June at the earliest before visitors have a chance to experience the new coaster. It means that SeaWorld Orlando has a head-start over Universal, with its new coaster Manta set to open on May 22.

Universal has not given the exact reasons for the delay, but has suggested that the teething problems are down to the novel features that the ride includes. Spokesman Tom Schroder is quoted by as saying "It's the most sophisticated coaster we've ever created, so we want to be sure we get it right".

The music-themed coaster will stretch out beyond the walls of the Universal Studios park towards the opening gate of the Universal Orlando Resort. It features a 167-foot lift hill and will reach top speeds of 65mph. Its most unique feature is the "double take" - a vertical loop in which the track twists so that the train is "right-side-up" at the top of the loop. Riders will be able to select their own soundtrack for the ride from a selection of six genres.

TPT will keep readers updated on any news of a firm opening date for Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit through our "New Attraction Watch" section.

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I will be checking the website every day to get up to the minute news. I so hope it will all be up and running for August when I visit!!

I love the 'New attraction watch' feature! TPT just keeps getting better and better IT'S BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!

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