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Village Pastry at Tokyo Disneyland

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A snack wagon, specialising in Tipo Tortas (pastry sticks filled with flavoured cream).

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Highlight for TDR Foodies
Submitted by sirusstest
on Monday, September 02, 2013 06:09

Village Pastry features what, to me, is quite possibly the best treat available for purchase at the Tokyo Disney Resort: the sweet potato Tipo Torta pastry. It may resemble a Churro, but this salivating creation goes above and beyond. The dessert boasts a flaky, more savory exterior, while the center packs a sweet punch with its sweet potato cream filling. It is a phenomenal concoction that is very popular with both locals and visiting tourists. The Village Pastry cart also offers Tipo Torta in chocolate, (and Orange and Cream Cheese at Tokyo DisneySea!) but the thing to try is the sweet potato roll, you will NOT regret it!


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