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Vortex at Kings Island

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Coney Mall

Roller coaster


Multi-inversion coaster

Arrow's infamous trackwork makes Kings Island's Vortex a real treasure - six inversions over the course of the sprawing roller coaster may leave adults feeling a little unsteady, but the twisted steel contraption has earned a loyal following in coaster enthusiasts.

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Reviews of Vortex:

Most people are going to complain about this review!
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified)
on Monday, March 21, 2016 18:01

Get ready to complain with my review! I love Vortex! One of the best coasters Arrow has ever made in my opinion, Very iconic for Kings Island! I do not get headbang on this ride because I am over 6 foot but keep your head out and you should be good, the coaster is a little rough so I would sit near the front

An okay ride overall, but rough and awkward nonetheless...
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified)
on Saturday, October 12, 2013 03:30

What it's like:

Vortex starts off out of the station with a lift hill hoisting riders up to as high 148 feet, and then dropping riders an 138 feet reaching speeds up to 55 mph. Through the 3,800 feet of steel track you will experience a gaping turnaround, followed by 2 vertical loops, 2 corkscrew loops, a "batwing" inversion, and a 450 degree upwards-helix finale, eventually coming into a aprubt and uncomfortable stop at the final brakes...


- Quite tall

- A jaw-dropping first drop (especially in the back)

- Lots of inversions

- A decently long ride

- Ride has a high hourly capacity (ie the line moves fast)

- Gives a great view of the park if you look to the left during the lift hill

- It's corkscrew loops and first drop IMO are the 2 best parts of the ride


- Considerably rough; jostles from left to right on its straightaways; awkward transitions etc.

- Seats are quite small; if your over 6 ft tall you might have trouble fitting in them

- If your a bit short(ie a little kid), your head will hit against the shoulder harnesses if you don't brace yourself for the inversions and transitions

- Brakes at the end are abrupt, prepare!

- The small turnaround after the two vertical loops and before the corkscrew loops is the jerkiest part of the ride

TIP: Generally speaking, seat 5-1(row 9) tends to be the smoothest seat on the ride.

You don't need to worry about knocking this out first thing in the morning. On a normal summer weekday, lines are never more than 15 minutes, so really you can ride it whenever.


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