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Dragon Falls at Chessington World of Adventures

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Mystic East

Water flume ride

Opening Date:
Jun 7, 1987

Closure Date:
Jan 1, 2018

45 feet

Mack Rides

Log Flume

Minimum height:
47 inches

Dominating the Mystic East area of Chessington World of Adventures is Dragon Falls, a large log flume water ride. Up to 5 guests can board one of its boats, which float around a circuit that features two drops (the second standing at 45-feet-tall).

As with the park’s other attractions, Dragon Falls features extensive theming. The first drop leads into the mouth of a dragon, while the second passes through a gap between two large Angkor Wat-style stone faces. Look out for a cheeky elephant at the end of the ride, who sprays riders with water.

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Thursday, June 13, 2013 10:00

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