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Nemesis Sub-Terra at Alton Towers

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Forbidden Valley

Drop tower

Opening Date:
Mar 24, 2012

Closure Date:
Oct 31, 2015

Located in the Forbidden Valley area of Alton Towers next to the original Nemesis roller coaster, Nemesis Sub-Terra is housed entirely indoors. The ride is designed to be a “horror experience”, with the backstory being told via video screens in its queue. This is an extension of the original Nemesis storyline, which was based around an alien that had been buried beneath the Earth's surface for 2 million years. A shadowy organisation known as The Phalanx has now taken over the site, and has discovered a further series of caves beneath the alien's subterranean home. Guests are about to enter these, in order to study an egg that has been found within.

Nemesis Sub-Terra’s ride operators are dressed in military-style Phalanx uniforms, and guide groups of up to 40 guests into the entrance area. This hosts two “elevators”, which take riders down to the mock caves below. Once inside, they are confronted by the egg, and strapped in for a ride experience that we won’t reveal in order to retain an element of surprise.

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Reviews of Nemesis Sub-Terra:

Terror in the dark
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified)
on Sunday, September 29, 2013 17:47

Are you scared of dropping?

Do you have no idea what is going to happen once inside, apart from a drop?

Are you scared of the dark or monsters?

If you answer yes to any of the above I would think you are going to enjoy this more. It's good to be scared and then overcome this ride. If you have read everything that is going to happen, there will be no surprise. Just like a film you've watched before, you might enjoy watching the film but it's always good that first experience.

If you've experience Thirteen or The London Dungeon: Extremis before you will know what to expect from the drop but have the added fear of not knowing when it will drop. It's all in the build up to the drop and it doesn't end there as you have to escape. With all the effects the whole thing is a thrill. You might walk out and say "Was that it?" Because you wanted the drop to be longer or you might be expecting to be frightened more. Maybe you will be kidding yourself or try to look like your not affected by what had happened.

As a full multi sensory experience this is a good thrill even if your not scared you can say you have done it. A good addition to Alton Towers. Good for people to get the story behind Nemesis. You might not want to ride this again depends how your feel about the experience because every one will have different fears or no fear.

A good thrill for any one brave enough.


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