Hogwarts at Universal's Islands of Adventure

Before Universal’s Epic Universe has even opened, speculation has already begun on potential expansion ideas for the new park. With sections of land already set aside for future expansions for the new park, theme park fans are already tossing around ideas of what they would love to see added to Universal’s roster in upcoming years. 

Although it’s way too soon to determine anything for certain, let’s take a look at some possibilities...

Great Hall Dining Experience

Hogwarts at Universal's Islands of Adventure
Image: Rstoplabe14, via Wikimedia Commons

The most prevalent rumor is that of a Great Hall dining experience expected to be added to the Wizarding World. This is a project expected to be added to Epic Universe within a year or so after the park’s opening, and will take up only a fraction of the available expansion area for the Wizarding World. 

This experience would be a dinner theater type of attraction, where guests will utilize the Floo network in Paris to travel into the Hogwarts Great Hall to dine within the castle. As visitors sit to dine, the ceiling will come alive with vibrant light shows and storytelling to immerse you in the magic.

Legend Of Zelda Expansion

Image: Universal

Next on the list has been a popular rumor for a number of years, following the success of Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Japan and Universal Studios Hollywood. Hopeful fans are still waiting for a potential Legend of Zelda expansion.

Rumors for this possible project have been circulating since the announcement of Super Nintendo World’s arrival to Orlando and has been consistently mentioned as an option for Universal going forward. Whether fans can hope to see this expansion as a part of Epic Universe or the currently unoccupied land of the Lost Continent in Islands of Adventure is anyone’s guess, but with the recent success of Tears of the Kingdom, it’s possible Universal higher-ups could be feeling out some opportunities to incorporate the kingdom of Hyrule into their theme parks.


The Pokemon Company
Image: The Pokemon Company

Another similar possibility is a Pokémon-themed expansion. This idea once again capitalizes on the popularity of Nintendo and would probably only be a viable possibility if Super Nintendo World finds as much success in the eastern USA tourism market as people are predicting.

The primary issue with the incorporation of this franchise isn’t so much an “if” but a “how”—how can a game series that focuses so heavily on the individuality of the player’s experience be transformed into a ride or attraction that can appease the general public? It’s by no means an impossible task, but a challenge ride designers would face if they go forward with this project.

Lord Of The Rings

Image: Hobbiton Tours

Lastly, there are rumors circulating about a possible Lord of the Rings section. A land dedicated to the scenery and lore of Middle-earth has been a topic of great discussion for many years, with some Universal fans insisting it would be a perfect replacement for the Lost Continent at Islands of Adventure. 

With the opening of Universal's Epic Universe on the horizon with a huge amount of space available to dedicate to large-scale expansions, it seems a trip to The Shire might be inevitable. As one of the largest and most beloved fantasy franchises of all time, Lord of the Rings is deserving of some love and attention from a theme park standpoint.

Former location of Poseidon's Fury in Universal's Lost Continent in Islands of Adventure
Jeremy Thompson, via Wikimedia Commons

What do you think about these potential expansions? Which expansion would you like to see most incorporated into the parks going forward? Let us know by voting in our poll below or by leaving us a comment.  Are there any other expansions you’d be interested in seeing?

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