Disney's Enchantment Fireworks at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom

Arguably the number one ‘must-do’ of any Walt Disney World trip is the Magic Kingdom fireworks. Crowds of magic-seekers gather around the hub after a long day of making memories, ready to watch in awe as Disney’s world-class nighttime display fills the sky above.

Taking over from the much-loved Happily Ever After, Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary celebrations have brought with it a brand new show, entitled Disney’s Enchantment. This delightfully magical show brings a series of mind-blowing projections while a crescendo of fireworks accompany its catchy soundtrack, but did you know that there are a handful of other ways you can enjoy this wondrous display?

It’s worth noting that these different vantage points will mean that you won't catch the projections part of Enchantment, so it’s recommended that you first see the show from where it is viewed best, in front of Cinderella’s Castle. However, if you’re looking to switch up your usual viewing location, beat the crowds or simply just try something a little different, look no further - plus some of these don’t even require a park ticket! 

1. Hop on a ride!

Big Thunder Mountain at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom
Image: Disney

One of the most popular ways to enjoy the fireworks is to hop on a ride for a true one-of-a-kind experience. Of course, this one involves a little bit of planning in terms of timing, but attractions such as Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain are located behind the castle and offer unique views of the fireworks as they glimmer and crackle in the skies above you. If you’re looking to slow the pace, the PeopleMover also boasts stunning views of the fireworks as you enjoy your slow-moving voyage through Tomorrowland.

2. Relax on the beach at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort 

The beach at Walt Disney World's Polynesian Village Resort
Image: Disney

Another great spot to catch the fireworks is at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, which is located directly across the Seven Seas Lagoon from Magic Kingdom and is one of the three resorts on the monorail loop. The resort boasts its own stunning man-made beach which offers unparalleled views of Magic Kingdom’s fireworks while you relax on the sand, plus the Enchantment music is even piped in, making for an extra special experience. 

3. Visit the Observation deck at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Magic Kingdom Fireworks behind Disney's Contemporary Resort
Image: Disney

The Contemporary resort is another one of the Magic Kingdom monorail resorts that offers a different perspective for the fireworks if you’re looking to try something new. From the 4th floor observation deck, you can catch the nighttime spectacular over the peak of Space Mountain, as the Contemporary resort is located to the right-hand side of Magic Kingdom. This view also boasts some stunning photograph potential!

4. Escape the castle crowds and head to Fantasyland!

Prince Charming's Regal Carousel at Disney's Magic Kingdom
Image: Disney

You’re able to witness the fireworks (to some degree) from almost anywhere outside in the Magic Kingdom but one particularly well-loved spot is Fantasyland. By typical fireworks viewing standards, guests pick their spot in front of the castle hours before the show begins, meaning that in order to get close you need to be pretty well-prepared. Behind the castle offers a much more peaceful fireworks experience, where you’ll be close to the action as you're surrounded by colors and light. You’ll be surprised by how many different places the fireworks launch from and hey, you could even hop on the carousel while you’re there…

5. Sail on the ferryboat across the Seven Seas Lagoon

Ferryboat on Seven Seas Lagoon at Walt Disney World Florida
Image: Disney

Beat those park-closing crowds entirely and jump aboard the ferryboat for a wonderfully unique viewing experience as you sail away from the Magic Kingdom. Take to the top deck and watch as the fireworks explode over Main Street Station and its beautiful entrance way. Also, since the ferryboat ride runs shorter than the fireworks, you can always linger around the Transportation & Ticket Center after you disembark in order to catch the grand finale. 

Do you have a favorite alternative view of the Magic Kingdom fireworks? Would you try any of these on your next visit? 


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