This was the best experience the Magic Kingdom had to offer. I loved this attraction. I loved being on it and then almost as entertaining was to get an ice cream afterward and sit and watch the looks on the faces of the people exiting. Many looked stunned. Others were pale beneath their newly acquired tans. Children clung to their parents. Why on earth they put this awesome attraction in the MK is puzzling to me. I think it would still be going strong if it had been placed at Hollywood Studios. To me, it was the best kind of dark ride which used your imagination as the engine of a truly immersive experience.

"time of their lives"??
That sure wasn't me.
I didn't enjoy Alien Encounter, just as I don't enjoy the Stich replacement.
Both were/are very boring.

I think Disney should certainly consider another horror/scary attraction if they can come up with something much, much, much better.

If they had a focus on more "tongue and cheek" maybe it would had a chance. It is legendary among those who experienced it - not unlike the original mission space.

I loved Alien Encounter, wish it was still there!

As a teenager who lived for roller coasters, Alien Encounter was the best non-roller coaster thrill out there. Today, that crown now that crown belongs to Spider-Man. Sadly, Disney has lost its innovative edge.

I remember this attraction. I experienced it, and it scared the crap out of me. It was one of the best experiences I had.

I loved The ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter. Michael Eisner was a great CEO because he realized Disney isn't just for the kids. You need to have something for the adults to do and this was one of my favorite attractions at the parks! The special effects were fantastic. From showering you with water droplets to simulate the glass breaking that housed the alien, to the breath you felt on your neck and feeling it was right there with you! Keeping little kids off the rides you would think would be the parents job. But apparently not. Removing this attraction was the 2nd worst idea post Eisner CEO's did. Closing Pleasure Island was the First stupid idea. Now everyone leaves disney to go to Universal Citywalk when the adults want to enjoy the nights. Keeping in mind, Church Street station is where all the bars went out of business when Disney opened Pleasure Island. The dance club Mannequins, with rotating dance floor was my favorite and I have only been to Disney a few times since Pleasure Island closed. I would rather go support SeaWorld and do Universal and Islands of Adventure. Disney doesn't seem to care, kids grow up, so since they don't care, we have outgrown their parks.

I think moving it to future world would have been a fantastic solution. EPCOT needs a new attraction. I think now would be a good time to re-introduce it. I doubt they ever will though.

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